With over 2 billion million users, WhatsApp is one of the most prominent, well-known messaging platforms. Used and loved by many, using WhatsApp for Business is essential to directly engage with your audience. 

Building a WhatsApp bot is a great way to advance your business and achieve great results; WhatsApp bots are easily reachable, accessible to everyone, close to your customers, and provide excellent service that goes hand-in-hand with your customer support team to provide your customers with all they could ever need. What more could customers want? 

The thing with WhatsApp bots, though, is that signing up for the service could be a bit of a hassle.

It’s a long process and usually takes a lot of time because of several approvals and a lot of back-and-forth communication. 

(This process is always a hassle across different service providers.)

Life would be much easier if this long process was shorter, right? 

What if I tell you that it is? 

Get your WhatsApp bot now instantly 

Signing up for your WhatsApp bot has never been easier. Instead of going through different teams, waiting for approval for days and sometimes even months, and taking way too much time and effort to get your WhatsApp bot all set up, you can now do this instantly through our platform. 

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Yes, you read that right! In just a few minutes, your WhatsApp chatbot will be all set up and ready to use right away. 

The most exciting part, too, is that you will get to do everything yourself without having to depend on other people or teams. 

From within the platform, you’ll sign your number up, attach your needed documents, and get constant updates all at the click of a button. 


Keep in mind: your WhatsApp for Business needs to be verified for this process to actually go smoothly.

What happens if your WhatsApp for Business account isn’t verified yet? 

If your WhatsApp for Business account is not verified yet, it might take more time; however, you can always track that verification progress through the Settings. 

Until your WhatsApp number is verified, you will have limited access to try WhatsApp; you can connect up to 10 numbers to test your bot until your number is verified. You can still build the chatbot itself on our platform so it’s all ready once the verification occurs. 

A verified WhatsApp chatbot in minutes: what more could you want? 

Sign up now to use our platform and build your WhatsApp chatbot, then sit back and watch your business truly evolve.

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