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How chatbots can improve your customer service

When relying solely on human agents to provide support to your customers, there will arise some limitations that could negatively affect your customers’ experience.

This is where chatbots come to the rescue! 

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article about chatbot marketing, chatbots are no longer a luxury tool, but an integral one to the business, as they will form 85% of interactions with customers. We have previously discussed how they are used by companies in their marketing strategy to better engage and communicate with the audience. In this article, we will be discussing how chatbots can improve, and consequently transform your customer service.

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Why is customer service important?

Customer service is an essential component of any business. Great customer service:

  • Makes sure all customers are satisfied with the quality and service provided to them, which increases customers’ life-time value;
  • Enhances customer loyalty to the brand;
  • Creates positive word-of-mouth about the brand;
  • Boosts sales performance in the long run.

Uses of chatbots in customer service:

  • Direct people to the FAQs section or knowledge base of your website

Instead of repeatedly answering the same questions that people tend to frequently ask, a chatbot can easily direct people to the page where they will find an answer to their inquiry. For example, if you are always asked about your business’ email and number, a chatbot could immediately direct the inquirer to your Contact Us page. This way, you can efficiently answer a mass number of issues and inquiries in no time and with no effort.

  • Connect to human agents in situations when they’re needed only

Your customer support team does not have to get connected to every single interaction if it is not necessary. Chatbots have been said to be able to resolve 80% of customer service questions. If not, your chatbot can hand-over the conversation with the customer when the situation is too complex to be solved and requires human interference. That way, your human resources can focus on the bigger picture, rather than repetitive tasks.

  • Making a reservation/appointment quickly

If your business revolves around bookings and potential customers who need help with that, the process of making an appointment could be automated using a chatbot; so that it would require fewer resources from your side and less effort from your audience. Win-win situation.

  • Resolving a complaint/problem or connecting to the relevant department

Issues that your customers have can be automatically resolved and in no time, as long as they are within the chatbot’s capabilities. In other cases, your chatbot would connect the most suitable department that will be able to resolve the problem. In most cases, this means that your customers won’t have to wait for a long time before their issues are solved; thus keeping them satisfied with your service. Instead of waiting for hours on the phone in order to get ahold of customer support, your customers would get their complaints resolved within minutes using live-chat, which has been said to be the preferred channel for 73% of people for customer service.

People are generally curious, so if you get a lot of questions from your audience about your business, the products and services that you provide; then using a chatbot to answer all inquiries that arise will save you time and the effort of your customer support team. You can train a chatbot to answer the most frequented questions that you get about your company, with the answer that you want your customers to receive.



Humans VS chatbots VS hybrid

Human agents



  • answers complex problems
  •  understands human emotions
  • convenience
  • speed
  • 24/7 service
  • saves resources (effort, time, cost, human resource)
  • automates work

Using both human agents and chatbots could be the ultimate solution for a business. Chatbots would handle and resolve all the incoming messages and inquiries; in case a situation requires the intervention of a human, then the bot will immediately handover the customer to the human agent. This complementary strategy utilizes the advantages of each to deliver unparalleled customer service.

  • can’t scale the customer support system
  • can’t handle a huge number of requests
  • costly
  • does not work around the clock
  • might not be able  to handle certain complex questions from the audience


How chatbots improve customer service:

Problem #1:

Taking too long to respond to customers’ inquiries and interactions


Because no one really likes late replies, if someone sends you an inquiry about the services that you provide and gets an answer only a couple of hours late, it would not really leave a good impression about your business. Imagine now if you are receiving hundreds of messages per day, how do you make sure that you are replying to all of them, within minutes? Chatbots provide quick responses to questions or requests directed to them, with the option to add a small buffer time (2-10 seconds for example) so that it would seem more humanly. That way, you can respond to hundreds of inquiries simultaneously, leaving no current or potential customer unattended. This decreases the response time from the customers’ side and enhances their experience.

Problem #2:

Not having enough staff to support customer service


When employing a chatbot, you don’t need a big customer support team to handle your customers’ requests, since most inquiries can be handled by the chatbot. If the situation is too complex to solve, then your bot will hand it over to a human agent, when necessary.

Problem #3:

Your customers are in different time zones, so it is difficult to respond to all of them at appropriate times


Working 24/7 is not possible a lot of times for a business. Instead of creating work shifts for your customer support team, chatbots provide by the minute service, so they will be working all around the clock, responding to any inquiry you may receive at any time of the day. Even during weekends or holidays, your chatbot can still answer any request or inquiry that comes its way.

“53% of people prefer using online chat before having to call customer service.”

Problem #4:

People dislike communication methods such as the IVR and email, which could be ineffective to solve customers’ issues.


For an audience that does not like contacting support, chatting with a bot causes less stress than talking to human agents. 53% of people prefer using online chat before having to call customer support. So by employing customer support in the chat, your bot can provide accurate responses and solves your customers’ problems efficiently, as opposed to other communication methods.

Problem #5:

Not having sufficient data about your audience


Chatbots provide an alternative for data-gathering forms, as they can usually ask the same questions you ask in a form, in a conversational way, such as the name, email and the company of your visitor. That way, you can gather more insight about your potential customers to better understand their needs and behaviors, and add them to your database.

Problem #6:

You can’t scale your customer service, as resources will be limited at one point or another


Chatbots can respond to a mass number of customer requests at the same time. So instead of having to hire more agents the more your business scales, one chatbot can handle more and more requests than humans can usually handle. This compensates for having a huge customer support team; you can have your chatbot alongside a countable number of skilled human agents that only handle advanced requests.

Want to try it out for yourself? Head out to WideBot website so that you can get started for free and build your own chatbot today!

How to Grow and Engage Your Audience With a Chatbot

Chatbots started getting really popular in 2016, and they haven’t stopped growing since then It’s honestly no shocker; chatbots have an increasingly high potential that can boost any business to a new level. 

It’s not just business loving chatbots; customers love the convenience often brought by chatbot so much that there will be using chatbots even more than you think. 


While a lot of people may think chatbots are just a phase in technology, the chatbot market size is projected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7%. 

That’s a lot of growth that you would most certainly love to be a part of!  Aside from the industry itself being an ever-growing industry, chatbots can help your business grow in endless ways. 

Chatbots and Businesses 

Chatbots are a huge help to businesses, they can take a business’ experience to a whole new level on their own.

You might wonder why a chatbot would be useful for your company, especially if you’ve never considered it. Here’s why: 


Other than its availability, It is so easy to interact with a chatbot because it’s available right where you at. So if a customer wants to reach out to you, they would open your Facebook page and instantly interact with your chatbot from the comfort of their own Messenger app or site. It’s that convenience that makes chatbots a success. 

To add to this beautiful mix of chatbot benefits, the flows inside chatbots are made to naturally flow in the conversation yet remain as organized as you want them to be. You can easily make sure the conversation goes the way you want it to. 

With the why in mind, here’s the how it results in: 

  1. Your customers will LOVE you, and there is only so much you can do when you give your customers a good customer experience: having a good relationship with your customers makes them remain your customers, makes them satisfied with your services, and even makes them loyal enough to promote your business for you.
  2. Your chatbots can enhance your sales in more ways than you can imagine. A chatbot can carry on the entire sales cycle on its own, it can promote your products, recommend relevant ones, and even sell them in the swiftest, easiest way possible. Your customers will love being able to buy from you at any time without having to go through phone calls and all.

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Chatbots and Customers


We mentioned that chatbots can improve your relationship with your customers and how they can help you retain, entertain, and satisfy them, but how exactly does it do that? 

Let’s dig deeper here. Through chatbots’ instant responses and conversational flows, they foster engagement between the customer and the chatbot. In fact, a lot of customers might come back just to engage with the chatbot because they find it fun. Other people get super curious and decide to converse with a chatbot for the sake of having tried it, but most of the time they do end up loving it. 

Engagement is just the tip of the iceberg here. Chatbots can be configured to make every single customer feel heard and special; they can personalize every customer’s conversation like it’s tailor-made for them while responding to every other customer at the same time. We could never do that. 

The best bit about chatbots is the improvement in the quality of the service provided to the customers. Let me ask, have you ever called your bank’s customer support, waited on hold for over 30 minutes, then gave up and hung up totally dissatisfied? Chatbots, they just… simply don’t do that. They respond instantly, work on your issue on the spot, and hand the conversation over when they need to. A chatbot experience is much more convenient and satisfying.  

You can always depend on chatbots with customer support; in fact, chatbots can already solve 80% of customer queries, leaving only 20% of complex queries for human agents to focus on.

The thing about chatbots and customer service is that it’s not just a convenience to the customers; as a matter of fact, chatbots do help customer support agents.

Chatbots and Sales


Not only do chatbots help with the entire process of selling, but customers are actually more open to using chatbots than you think. 47% of people would buy through social media platforms, and 40% of people of all ages would actually prefer to use a chatbot online. According to surveys, people love how easy it is to use a chatbot to buy things!

Chatbots and Growth

There are several ways you can make your audience grow even bigger with an audience, such as several plugins that make your chatbot more reachable, and simple hacks that make your chatbot pop. You can check them out here!

The growth a chatbot is capable of: a case study

In 2016, The Wall Street Journal launched a chatbot on both Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. The WSJ Messenger bot has acquired over 130k daily active users within the first 14 months of creation with 70% of those being daily users later on! 

Chatbots can and will do wonders for your business. Just build one, sit back, and watch the results come to you.

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