As of April 2021, we’re proud to announce that WideBot is now an official Instagram partner working hand-in-hand to bring more competent, efficient, and smart AI-powered chatbots to the widely-loved social media platform. 

We’re honoured to have been chosen among a small number of partners from all around the globe and even more honoured to factually be the first Instagram partner in the entire MENA region. 

Our partnership with Instagram will revolutionize the way you use the platform forever. 


Why is Instagram great for your business?

Instagram is a powerful platform, and it gets more powerful by the day. In 2021, there is nothing you can’t do on Instagram: create content, market your business, sell your products, or just post really cool, creative pictures, stories, and reels. 

As of 2021, Instagram has over one billion monthly users. Out of this number, 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day and 130 million taps on shopping posts every month. 

Moreover, 58% of Instagram users become more interested in a product after viewing it in a story, and 50% visit websites to make purchases also after seeing products in a story. 

It’s safe to say that Instagram is a great place to give your business a good boost as many online brands have already made Instagram an integral part of their strategy, and you have more than enough reason to do so as well, and our partnership with Instagram will give your brand/store a whole new, unique experience.


Example of Instagram Chatbot

What our partnership with Instagram brings you?

Through WideBot’s partnership with Instagram, customers can (soon!) build chatbots for their business on the platform. This will make all the product queries you get on a daily basis a breeze because your chatbot can now handle them for you. 


Optimal customer support for your customers 

Employing a chatbot guarantees your customers are provided with optimal customer support and are left with utmost satisfaction and a great experience. Not only will your chatbot always be there, but your customers can always pause and reach out to your team when they need to with Handover mode. 

With 24/7, instant support, what more can your customers need? 

Make sales effortlessly as you go

It’s not just your support. You can easily integrate your store within your WideBot Instagram chatbot, which means not only will your chatbot reply for you; it’ll sell for you. 

Personalize your customer’s experiences 

Combined with our built-in CRM and analytics tool, you know for sure you can employ your user’s information into personalizing their experience to the maximum. 

Omnichannel because why not? 

While we’re at it, why stop at Instagram? Through the platform, your chatbot can be as omnichannel as it can get: Go from Instagram to WhatsApp to Facebook to your website and provide your customers the luxury of having the same great experience every single time on every platform. 

Handle all your comments and story replies with utmost ease

Did we mention that your chatbot can automatically handle all of your comments and replies? We just did. Leave no room for error with comment acquisition.

This is a level of automation that guarantees both you and your customers a level of convenience you’ve never witnessed before. 


So far, the WideBot-Instagram partnership is set to enhance your customer support, sales, business processes, marketing, and personalization efforts. Let us tell you: this is just the beginning, there is so much more to unfold within this partnership as we move forward. 


Join the waitlist now to become one of the very first businesses to have your own Instagram chatbot. 

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