One of the first places potential customers visit is your website because that’s where they expect to find all the answers. 

What happens if they don’t find the answer to one of their questions? They probably get frustrated and might lose interest.

Let’s add a new factor to this story: a website chatbot that has all the answers🔮

Having a chatbot on your website helps you: ‘

  • Improve your customer service quality
  • Provide users a personalized experience
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Enhance user experience
  • Helps you target your audience better

And many more! It’s a feature loaded with benefits. 

Which is why we are so glad to announce that you can now easily build your chatbots and connect them to your website through the WideBot platform.    


Our new Webchat feature is where your website and your WideBot chatbot meet, and it’s exactly what you need. 

Through Webchat, you can easily: 

  • Customize your chat bubble in terms of name, avatar, and colour scheme🎨
  • Customize settings for the bot on different platforms⚙
  • Choose up to 50 domains to connect your chatbot to📃
  • Save your webchat users👥
  • Preview your web chat plugin before going live👁‍🗨

You will soon be able to do even more as we further develop the feature. 

Keep in mind that the feature is still in Beta. 

Be the first to try it. 

                    Try Webchat Now!