Everyone loves Instagram, and for good reason: the platform gives you a variety of media options you can use to express yourself and your brand. 

While you may think that business and Instagram don’t really fit together, let me tell you this: according to Instagram, 90% of their users follow and interact with at least one business account.

Here’s just how much potential Instagram can bring to the table:

Instagram Messaging: A dream come true 

Messaging has become a weapon that every brand uses to fortify its sales efforts and enhance customer relationships. 

Since DMs were launched, more and more people were driven to communicate with brands through messaging; users message a brand to engage with content, ask about a product, gather information, or even make purchases. 

An Instagram Bot: It gets even better

As your brand grows, so will your marketing efforts, and so will your audience. As a result, you will most probably get even more messages and won’t be able to keep up. I mean, how many times have you seen a brand or influencer apologize for not being able to go through all of their messages because they’re too much? 

What if I tell you it doesn’t have to be this way? 

Building an Instagram chatbot for your brand gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers on a deeper level: be present for them at all times, better represent your company, and avoid human error too: not a single DM will be left unanswered because your chatbot can answer thousands of users at the same time and provide each of them with the same quality of service. 

Building a chatbot will give you many tools to personalize your customer’s experiences and make their experience truly theirs. Your users can always carry on their conversation with you anywhere they’d like; you can be present everywhere: Instagram, website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. 

Not only can you provide your customers with a different experience with an Instagram bot, but you can also sell to them better. 

A chatbot can be whatever you want them to be: a customer support employee, an information officer, a marketer, a salesperson, or, best of all: all of the previous at once. It’s a new level of resourcefulness. 

Build your Instagram Bot with WideBot now

You can now exclusively build Instagram chatbots and connect them instantly through our platform. This helps you provide customers with all they need as they’re using Instagram guaranteeing a unique experience with you. You can also track all your efforts and get real-time analytics you can use to further enhance your experience. 

What’s amazing is that your customers can choose to reach out to you personally rather than the chatbot when needed. This guarantees you that you won’t miss it when they actually need you.

When you let your chatbot handle all your messages, it saves you enough time to focus more on growing your brand itself.

It’s about time for you to do so and be one of the very first brands in the MENA region to have their own Instagram chatbot brought by an official Instagram partner. 

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