If there’s one thing people are looking for when they’re hungry, it’s to get their food as soon and as conveniently as possible. 

According to Invesp, 55% of customers like interacting with chatbots for instant service, and when do people like instant service best? When they’re hungry; no one likes to be put on hold when it comes to food. 

which is one of the many reasons why building a chatbot is great for your restaurant. 

Why a chatbot can help your restaurant

According to ICMI and Harris Research, 53% of people prefer to contact a business online before having to contact customer support; restaurants are no exception. 

Generally speaking, chatbots provide users with the customer support they’ve always dreamed of having: 24/7 availability, instant replies with no waiting time, and needs met almost instantly. 

Using a chatbot for your restaurant is a full package for your customers: it’s everything in one place: Your customers can simply:

  •  look your restaurant up
  • order food
  • make reservations

 and so much more in minutes. 

How a chatbot can revolutionize the way we order food forever

There are so many ways you can employ a chatbot to support your restaurant customers. For starters, a restaurant mostly offers three services: 

  1. Dine-in
  2.  Take-out
  3.  Delivery

In addition to providing customer support for both pre and post orders. 

Using a chatbot can help you take care of one or even all of these services. 

How a chatbot can take care of dine-in

 It’s the end of an era: the era where we used to have to make phone calls and wait on hold for what seem to be endless minutes just to reserve a table at a restaurant. 

Your customers can, in the most seamless way possible, reserve their tables at your restaurant through a chatbot.

Why is this important? This is a total win-win. Your customers won’t have to wait in a phone queue or confirm a thousand times, and you won’t have to answer the phone all day every day checking reservations literally every single minute in fear of making a single mistake ruining someone’s night out. 

You just have to set up your chatbot, connect it with your restaurant’s database, and let technology do its thing. It’s literally as easy as you can see below. 


How a chatbot can take care of delivery

According to Lavu, The growth rate for online food ordering and restaurant delivery has been over 20% over the last five years, meaning your customers are more likely to order your food online rather than make a call.

Providing your customers with the convenience of being able order their food instantly from the same applications they use all day is a luxury we believe your customers deserve to have. 

Your customers can do so many things through a chatbot: they can place their orders, receive invoices, pay online, check the menu online, and track their orders live. No hold, no phone calls, no special application needed!

Check out the video below, it would literally take your customers less than 2 minutes to make the order. 


How a chatbot can take care of take away/pick up

The fine line between ordering food and going to eat at a restaurant is pick-up, and chatbots can take care of that too! 

Your customers can easily make their orders through a chatbot, choose to pick it up, choose the branch, track the order, and pick the order up in time. 

It’s that easy! See for yourself.


How a chatbot can take care of the customer support

I don’t think there is one human on earth who hasn’t angrily called a restaurant! Be it a messed up order, a missing item, a late order, or even a mischarge. 

Customer support is one of the most common use cases for chatbots, and it’s for good reasons: chatbots provide instant support, are always available, can solve many issues momentarily, and can direct the conversation to agents whenever needed. 

For your customers to be able to reach the restaurant instantly and have their complaints either resolved or escalated with minutes is a dream, and it’s about time to make that dream come true for your customers.


How a chatbot can take care of marketing

We both know that managing a restaurant is not just serving hungry people, it’s bringing them in and giving them such a nice experience that they come back and bring friends along. 

Chatbots can gather data from users and use this data to target your customers and send them customized offers just for them or even just send them your new offers and make them feel special. 

You can set up your chatbot to recommend dishes to customers based on their taste, previous orders, or just based on what they like. That’s an experience anyone who spends an hour looking at the menu would really appreciate. 

You can also create a persona for your chatbot and make it your brand mascot. That would be a whole new direction for you to try, and your customers will find it really fun!

Now, that’s even more benefits than I imagined! If building a chatbot can be your gateway to better customer support, faster ordering, seamless reservations, and creative marketing, then what are you waiting for? 

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