WideBot & Classera’s Partnership to maintain chatbot & AI solutions in the EdTech (Educational Technology).

   WideBot is honored to announce the new partnership with Classera, the leading EdTech (Education Technology)  foundation in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the MENA region. Classera is one of the global industry leaders in the field of education that uses the latest technology updates to provide administrative and financial systems for various schools. WideBot is  the leading Arabic-focused AI (artificial intelligence) & chatbot solutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and the MENA.

The promising future of learning using the power of EdTech & AI

Education technology is rapidly changing these days. Automation can have a huge impact on the future of teaching and learning. As automation continues to change the way we work and live, the skills and knowledge that are most valuable to our employees can also change. As a result, institutions need to adjust their curriculum to prepare their students for the demands of the future. This includes a greater focus on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity skills, and technical skills related to new technology. Additionally, technology such as online learning platforms and virtual reality are likely to become more prevalent, providing students with new ways of learning and access to education. Ultimately, the future of education depends on how well it adapts to the changing demands of a very fast evolving world. That is what encourages Classera and WideBot to collaborate together to use the power of automating the education technology to make education more accessible, engaging and effective using the chatbot and AI solutions powered by WideBot.

“Empowering Education: How Classera and WideBot are Transforming the Future of Learning”

WideBot will be delighted to provide AI-Powered chatbot solutions, SMBs, Enterprises, Corporates and Governments chatbots predefined and custom solutions to Classera’s partners “schools in GCC” to facilitate internal and external actions on several aspects. Teachers, admins, and students will be able to communicate with each other concerning the curriculum modules, manuals, tickets, administrative support, tests scoring, and users’ information. In addition, WideBot shall support both of Classera’s products which are: “Edu-Malls” & “C-Inspire” with enterprise chatbot solutions on several social media channels including but not limited to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WebChat to grant a unique user experience. Through an integration with Classera LMS, the solution should help in FAQs, User Support, Products Browsing, Branch locator, Latest offers, generating new leads and much more. 

Second person from the right is Mohamed Nabil | CEO of WideBot
Second person from the left is Mohamed Al Madani | CEO of Classera

How Classera led the EdTech track apart from others

Classera is a leading provider of online education technology and e-learning solutions for administrative and financial systems for various schools. It provides an online platform for students and teachers to connect, communicate, and collaborate on educational content and assignments. The platform offers several features such as online assessments, interactive lessons, and virtual classrooms. It is designed to support both traditional and alternative teaching approaches and to be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of students and teachers around the world.

Today, Classera’s services go beyond traditional e-learning systems to provide an integrated system that delivers a new quality of service that is disrupting the world of educational technology. Here is the latest.

How WideBot solutions aced the MENA market

WideBot is dedicated to building Arabic-focused AI chatbots in the MENA region. We believe that it’s our mission to empower businesses with AI powered bots that chat like human beings, so they can build strong relationships with their customers and maximize their outcomes through a seamless personalized experience.

Today, WideBot leads the chatbot market, with 11,000+ chatbots serving companies, enterprises, SMEs, scaleups and governments in over 42 countries in the MENA. WideBot offers basic to full-fledged solutions from data training, building, tailoring and optimization to hosting and maintenance, with ongoing technical support.

EdTech offers many benefits to the education sector – Powered by WideBot & Classera.

7  “Revolutionizing Learning Management Systems: The Power of Chatbots in Education”

EdTech offers many benefits to the education sector. Key benefits include:

1- Save time to improved efficiency:

Automation streamlines many mundane and time-consuming tasks such as grading, attendance tracking, and scheduling, allowing teachers and administrators to focus on other areas of their work.

2- Cost Reduction:

By streamlining processes, reducing the need for manual work, and improving efficiency, EdTech automation can help schools and educational institutions save a huge cost over time.

3- Elevated acuity:

An automated system eliminates the possibility of human error and ensures consistent and accurate data collection and analysis.

4- Improved communication:

EdTech automation provides teachers, students and parents with real-time updates to improve communication and collaboration between all parties.

5- Access to data and analytics:

Provide teachers with rich data sets and analytics that can be used to track student progress, identify areas for improvement, and make educational decisions. 

6- Personalized learning:

EdTech automation helps teachers provide students with a personalized learning experience by tracking their progress and recommending appropriate resources and activities.

7- Improved scalability:

Handling large numbers of students, allowing schools and educational institutions to easily scale programs and services to meet the needs of growing students.

Overall, EdTech automation has the potential to significantly improve the education sector by providing teachers, students and parents with the tools and resources they need to succeed. 

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