Chatbots have been around long enough for people to start wondering, question themselves, and even get super mythological about. Which is totally fine while getting used to something new in our ever-changing era.

To make it easier for you, we’ve elaborated five of the most common chatbots myths.

Chatbots are a Very New Thing

2016 was the year chatbots started being everywhere: developing and flourishing; in fact, some people actually call it the chatbot year. But that doesn’t mean chatbots were first created in 2016, because surprise: chatbots came way earlier than this, as the first chatbot ever, ELIZA, was created 50 years before “the chatbot year”: in 1966, and actually came equipped with A.I.

Chatbots Only Deliver Results in Specific Industries

Chatbots can actually be used in almost every single industry. They can serve every customer’s need, and any business can build a chatbot and benefit from it. A restaurant can use it for food ordering, an e-commerce website can use it for sales, a mall can use it to assist visitors, and the list goes on & on… Whatever you may need, chatbots are here!

To Build a Chatbot, You Must have a Technical Background

At the end of the day, chatbots are technology, and for people who are not that into technology, that’s very scary. But who said you have to be tech savvy at all to benefit from a chatbot? Look around you, it’s 2019 and bot builders are here to save the day.

Chatbots Have Limited Potential

Chatbots just reply to people, right? Wrong!

Chatbots can do so much more than that, as:

  • Interacting with users in their own language (and slang).
  • Engaging with followers.
  • Taking customer service to the next level.
  • Selling products (full process).
  • Automating long, boring processes in general.

And so much much more! Let’s put it this way: As chatbots are conversational, and hence, can complete any action you can take within the conversation.

Chatbots Provide The Same Experience to All Users

A lot of people think if you build a chatbot, it’s just a one paragraph will be sent to all users, but this is totally wrong as well. Chatbots can personalize each user’s experience to be specifically tailored for them: For their needs and who they are (interests, past activity, …etc). Through chatbots, you can make every single users’ experience special, unique, and truly theirs.

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