Who doesn’t want to enhance their customer relationship? 

Customers are the true core of any business. Nowadays, customers don’t just want to buy products; they want to know about it, how you’re selling it, and what exactly happens after they buy your product.

Customers are no longer in just for the product, but rather expecting good experience and an even better relationship. We both know what happens when customers don’t get the experience they expect: Bad. Reviews. 

Forget Annabelle, this is an absolute horror movie from another level to any business.

I’ve seen it myself, just one bad review can cost your business more customers than you think and more than you’ll ever know. 

Why Do You Need to Build a Good Customer Relationship?

Take a step back and see the big picture here; it’s not just a purchase. A happy customer can benefit your business in many ways than financially. So here are the main domains you need to bond your relationship with your customers in.

Customer Retention

Having a good relationship with your customers makes them stay. There’re many people that can do exactly what you do; it’s the small things that matter. 

Customer retention is whether your customer stays as your customer or not, and how well do they stay. Do they actively engage with you, are they just existing, or didn’t they stay at all?

The way you treat your customers matters, the way you handle your angry customers matters, and the way you plan on keeping your customers matters. Your relationship with your customers determines whether they remain your customers or seek a better customer relationship.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is as simple as whether what you provided the customer leveled up to his expectations or not. Take this as an example: If I subscribe to an internet package, I expect to have a proper internet connection. If the internet is too slow or doesn’t even work, I am not a satisfied customer; what I received was below my expectations.

In this example, I don’t even have to call their support and complain. In fact, 91% of customers never do. They just leave even without a goodbye 👋🏻

When you’re approachable and have a good customer relationship, your customers will reach out and express their concerns with trust; especially when they know you’ll take care of their concerns.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is where you’ve built such a good relationship with your customers that they’ll choose you no matter how tempted they’re to switch to a competitor.

When you give your customers such a good experience and build such a strong relationship, your customers feel pampered in your experience; they feel connected to your business, and as a result, they become loyal.

Loyal customers are 9 times more likely to buy your products. That’s how important good customer relationships are! Some customers are even so loyal, they’ll promote your business for you because they believe in it: they just simply became that loyal because of your good relationship with them.

How Can You Build Good Customer Relationship?

There’re a lot of ways to build good customer relationships. Some of the typical practices include training your employees on how to handle and treat your customers, customer engagement, personalizing sales, optimizing the content, and the list goes on and on…


Chatbots Take on Improving Your Customer Relationship 

While all of the ways above are very efficient, they may take a lot of time to execute, and a simple human error can ruin them all. Not to mention the factors of time, money, and effort. Where you may have little of each.

A chatbot may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of improving your customer relationship, I mean, a relationship is literally defined as the way people are connected. And in that manner, a chatbot is a program, so how is that even possible? (If I was a chatbot, I’d have felt offended by now. Maybe they have feelings too 😔)

But in fact, chatbots are the perfect fit here! As there’re three factors that a chatbot can work do very efficiently and smoothly, challenging human capabilities: Customer engagement, experience personalization, and quality of service.

Customer Engagement

Nothing can engage with your customers like a chatbot, and every engagement comes with the same energy. The real-time conversation experience encourages customers to engage back with your brand; it makes them feel welcomed at any time.



Chatbots can also carry on tens of thousands of conversations at the same time with no delay or confusion, while a human can literally never pull that off. There’s a maximum number of the customers human can chat with at the same time, and it isn’t even a percentage of the ones a chatbot can do.

You can use a chatbot to engage with your customer for in many ways, starting with as simple as to entertain them to as important as closing sales and resolving their concerns, and it won’t get bored along the way.

Experience Personalization

Not only does a chatbot seamlessly engage with your customers, but it can make every single experience different, which is something impossible for humans to do. Chatbots collect user data and study it to understand the customers better, approach them better, and even get picky about how to approach them.

This would be easy for a human to pull off if we’re talking about a limited number of customers, but chatbots can literally personalize the experience to *EVERY SINGLE USER* who uses the chatbot; they can use every single chat to know the customer more, and personalize based on it.

This can make every single customer experience unique and makes the customers feel much appreciated.

Quality of Service

Your customers can interact with your chatbot right where they message their friends. No need to visit a website or make a special phone call to do that. Chatbots give your customers 24/7 service, and as mentioned above, you can customize this service tirelessly without any extra costs.



Your chatbot can gather leads, engage, sell, handle customers, and as much as you want it to do.

A well-crafted chatbot can provide service that will turn any customer into a super loyal customer, and build a great customer relationship with.



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