Staying updated with news is hard because there’re so many sources and so many news that makes you inevitably get lost in the middle. Staying updated with technology news is even harder, because the speed the industry goes with and the new things get rolled out every day!

And while chatbots are now a major tool that can definitely change the course of your business, you need to stay up-to-date with its news, to maximize the benefit you can gain out from it.

That being said, we’ve combined you a list of some of the best chatbots & AI resources to keep you always updated.


Starting off with what we know best, Chatbots


1. Chatbots Magazine

Chatbots Magazine is one of my favorite resources for chatbots news. From in-depth articles into features of chatbots that can benefit you and why, to more educational articles & announcements, and coverage of chatbot events; Chatbots Magazine really has it all.

2. Chatbot News Daily

Chatbot News Daily has a more intense focus on the part where chatbots and business collide and their articles are very interesting.

3. Chatbots Life

Chatbots Life is a great source for educational guides and informative articles that can really teach you a lot: strategy, tips & tricks, and tutorials.

4. BotList Blog

BotList is like the ultimate bot directory where you can find a listing of a large number of chatbots on a large number of platforms. Their blog is a great resource for when you’re researching or looking for inspiration. You’ll also find there a bot-loving community and nice guides.

5. Botsociety Blog

Botsociety is a conversational design platform that really masters conversational design (our personal fave!), and their blog is no different. Focusing on features or just discussing ideas, Botsociety blog blows our mind off with its “Ideas” articles, not to mention we absolutely love its color scheme.



And now moving to AI



TOPBOTS main focus is the intersection of Applied AI and business within all branches of business, in addition to design and technology in general. It’s a great blog for anyone in business to learn from and follow.

7. AI Weekly

AI Weekly is a newsletter that emails you every week with the latest AI news and the best resources they come across as well. Talk about a smart inbox!

8. AI Trends

AI Trends gives strong newspaper vibes. You’ll find a nice variety of articles on AI whether it’s case studies, resources, business news, or really complex AI articles that I wouldn’t understand a word of but someone else definitely will.

9. Artificial Intelligence Blog

Artificial Intelligence Blog has nearly everything when it comes to AI; they’re talking resources, books, researches, news, conferences’ coverage, and a lot of educational articles that’ll teach you everything about AI. It’s a library on its own!




10. UX Chat Bear

UX Chat Bear is not only a great resource but also a very entertaining one. Get all the handy, useful tips related to conversational UX by chatting with a bot bear who’s really fun to chat with.

11. UI Movement – Chatbots Tag

UI Movement is where you’ll always find ideas for your chatbot (and mobile app) UI design, it’s a great source of inspiration for anyone building, designing, and perfecting their chatbot masterpiece.







We know it may still be tricky to keep updated with news on everything new with chatbots & AI, but we hope to have helped with this listing

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