The Facebook chat plugin is very valuable because it easily connects your Facebook chatbot to your website and gives your users that Messenger experience right from the website.

Before the update

Before the update, the plugin required that users log in to Facebook in order to use the chatbot which would make it harder for some users to communicate with you because: 

  1. Not all people use Facebook
  2. Not all people would want to connect their Facebook account

So, many people would disregard using the plugin despite how useful it could be to them. 

What changed

As of August 2020, users are no longer required to log in using Messenger to be able to use the plugin, they can easily use it as guests. 

This update is important because it makes it possible for anyone to use the plugin without any conditions, and this makes the customer experience even better and makes your company even more reachable. 

Keep in mind that when users choose to use the chatbot as guests, there isn’t a possible way to keep their personal information for later use unless your chatbot collects it within the chat. 

How to install the Facebook chat plugin 

  1. Go to your page settings 
  2. Select messaging then scroll down to “Add Messenger to your website” then click on Get Started. Keep in mind that you need to be an admin on your page to be able to do this.  
  3. Choose your chatbot settings: customize the greeting message and customize the plugin colour.
  4. Add your website’s domain
  5. Copy the code generated and paste it as instructed on the screen.

How to enable guest mode in your plugin 

In step 3, you’ll find the section below. Just turn the toggle on! 

Loving the idea of connecting your company’s Messenger to your website? Add a chatbot, and it’s a flawless experience.

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