The First Arabic-Focused Bot Builder is Here in Full Acces! إزيك.. هلا.. كيفك.. يعيّشك

We’re ultimately excited to share with you today that we’re finally out of early access and introducing our totally new platform. We think it’s much much better & brings more value than the other ones we had before. You can continue reading why we built it and what’s new in the full version below, or you can just explore it yourself!

Why The New WideBot Platform?

Since we were founded three years ago exactly this month, a lot of businesses have been relying on our 2 past platforms, whether to offer their users the understanding support they want, engage & personalize the experience for them, improve their customer service generally, or to sell their products.

That created a challenge for us of how to combine these 2 platforms into a one that continues to serve the 2 past ones’ goals, and yet keeps maintaining smooth user experience. That’s why we built The New WideBot Platform and introduced it first in early access first, and now the full access one. Here’s what’s new in the full access version:

Smoother Broadcasting Experience with Scheduling & Repetition


Send & schedule your broadcasts smoothly through any day of the year! Because now with The New WideBot Platform you get to schedule your broadcasts and repeat them to anytime you want, and keep them get sent again & again at the same certain timing continuously.

New Bot Training Feature


Train your bot to understand and handle free text whether by scenarios you add to him or through AI (in selected plans). And leave no question unanswerned behind from now on.

User Personalization


Personalize the experience more & more to your users by collecting & saving more information about them, to specify your responses or retarget your users through these data.

Go to Flow Capabilities


Redirect segments of your users to specific flows of your chatbot based on multiple attributes (timezone, gender, age, …etc), to leverage engagement rates & maximize conversions.

JSON API Integrations


Request & edit data from your chatbot to your own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System or even spreadsheets, and control how & where you manage your users’ data.

Head Over to Your Dashboard or Get Started Now to Try The New Features and Start Reinventing Your Customer Relationship (It’s Free!)