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Introducing: Webchat

One of the first places potential customers visit is your website because that’s where they expect to find all the answers. 

What happens if they don’t find the answer to one of their questions? They probably get frustrated and might lose interest.

Let’s add a new factor to this story: a website chatbot that has all the answers🔮

Having a chatbot on your website helps you: ‘

  • Improve your customer service quality
  • Provide users a personalized experience
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Enhance user experience
  • Helps you target your audience better

And many more! It’s a feature loaded with benefits. 

Which is why we are so glad to announce that you can now easily build your chatbots and connect them to your website through the WideBot platform.    


Our new Webchat feature is where your website and your WideBot chatbot meet, and it’s exactly what you need. 

Through Webchat, you can easily: 

  • Customize your chat bubble in terms of name, avatar, and colour scheme🎨
  • Customize settings for the bot on different platforms⚙
  • Choose up to 50 domains to connect your chatbot to📃
  • Save your webchat users👥
  • Preview your web chat plugin before going live👁‍🗨

You will soon be able to do even more as we further develop the feature. 

Keep in mind that the feature is still in Beta. 

Be the first to try it. 

                    Try Webchat Now!

Restaurant Chatbot Marketing

How Restaurants Can Boost Their Business With Chatbots

If there’s one thing people are looking for when they’re hungry, it’s to get their food as soon and as conveniently as possible. 

According to Invesp, 55% of customers like interacting with chatbots for instant service, and when do people like instant service best? When they’re hungry; no one likes to be put on hold when it comes to food. 

which is one of the many reasons why building a chatbot is great for your restaurant. 

Why a chatbot can help your restaurant

According to ICMI and Harris Research, 53% of people prefer to contact a business online before having to contact customer support; restaurants are no exception. 

Generally speaking, chatbots provide users with the customer support they’ve always dreamed of having: 24/7 availability, instant replies with no waiting time, and needs met almost instantly. 

Using a chatbot for your restaurant is a full package for your customers: it’s everything in one place: Your customers can simply:

  •  look your restaurant up
  • order food
  • make reservations

 and so much more in minutes. 

How a chatbot can revolutionize the way we order food forever

There are so many ways you can employ a chatbot to support your restaurant customers. For starters, a restaurant mostly offers three services: 

  1. Dine-in
  2.  Take-out
  3.  Delivery

In addition to providing customer support for both pre and post orders. 

Using a chatbot can help you take care of one or even all of these services. 

How a chatbot can take care of dine-in

 It’s the end of an era: the era where we used to have to make phone calls and wait on hold for what seem to be endless minutes just to reserve a table at a restaurant. 

Your customers can, in the most seamless way possible, reserve their tables at your restaurant through a chatbot.

Why is this important? This is a total win-win. Your customers won’t have to wait in a phone queue or confirm a thousand times, and you won’t have to answer the phone all day every day checking reservations literally every single minute in fear of making a single mistake ruining someone’s night out. 

You just have to set up your chatbot, connect it with your restaurant’s database, and let technology do its thing. It’s literally as easy as you can see below. 


How a chatbot can take care of delivery

According to Lavu, The growth rate for online food ordering and restaurant delivery has been over 20% over the last five years, meaning your customers are more likely to order your food online rather than make a call.

Providing your customers with the convenience of being able order their food instantly from the same applications they use all day is a luxury we believe your customers deserve to have. 

Your customers can do so many things through a chatbot: they can place their orders, receive invoices, pay online, check the menu online, and track their orders live. No hold, no phone calls, no special application needed!

Check out the video below, it would literally take your customers less than 2 minutes to make the order. 


How a chatbot can take care of take away/pick up

The fine line between ordering food and going to eat at a restaurant is pick-up, and chatbots can take care of that too! 

Your customers can easily make their orders through a chatbot, choose to pick it up, choose the branch, track the order, and pick the order up in time. 

It’s that easy! See for yourself.


How a chatbot can take care of the customer support

I don’t think there is one human on earth who hasn’t angrily called a restaurant! Be it a messed up order, a missing item, a late order, or even a mischarge. 

Customer support is one of the most common use cases for chatbots, and it’s for good reasons: chatbots provide instant support, are always available, can solve many issues momentarily, and can direct the conversation to agents whenever needed. 

For your customers to be able to reach the restaurant instantly and have their complaints either resolved or escalated with minutes is a dream, and it’s about time to make that dream come true for your customers.


How a chatbot can take care of marketing

We both know that managing a restaurant is not just serving hungry people, it’s bringing them in and giving them such a nice experience that they come back and bring friends along. 

Chatbots can gather data from users and use this data to target your customers and send them customized offers just for them or even just send them your new offers and make them feel special. 

You can set up your chatbot to recommend dishes to customers based on their taste, previous orders, or just based on what they like. That’s an experience anyone who spends an hour looking at the menu would really appreciate. 

You can also create a persona for your chatbot and make it your brand mascot. That would be a whole new direction for you to try, and your customers will find it really fun!

Now, that’s even more benefits than I imagined! If building a chatbot can be your gateway to better customer support, faster ordering, seamless reservations, and creative marketing, then what are you waiting for? 

Sign up now to build your restaurant chatbot with us. You can always use a template to get things started!

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الشات بوت

How chatbots can improve your customer service

When relying solely on human agents to provide support to your customers, there will arise some limitations that could negatively affect your customers’ experience.

This is where chatbots come to the rescue! 

As we’ve mentioned in a previous article about chatbot marketing, chatbots are no longer a luxury tool, but an integral one to the business, as they will form 85% of interactions with customers. We have previously discussed how they are used by companies in their marketing strategy to better engage and communicate with the audience. In this article, we will be discussing how chatbots can improve, and consequently transform your customer service.

Read more: What is chatbot marketing and why do you need it?

Why is customer service important?

Customer service is an essential component of any business. Great customer service:

  • Makes sure all customers are satisfied with the quality and service provided to them, which increases customers’ life-time value;
  • Enhances customer loyalty to the brand;
  • Creates positive word-of-mouth about the brand;
  • Boosts sales performance in the long run.

Uses of chatbots in customer service:

  • Direct people to the FAQs section or knowledge base of your website

Instead of repeatedly answering the same questions that people tend to frequently ask, a chatbot can easily direct people to the page where they will find an answer to their inquiry. For example, if you are always asked about your business’ email and number, a chatbot could immediately direct the inquirer to your Contact Us page. This way, you can efficiently answer a mass number of issues and inquiries in no time and with no effort.

  • Connect to human agents in situations when they’re needed only

Your customer support team does not have to get connected to every single interaction if it is not necessary. Chatbots have been said to be able to resolve 80% of customer service questions. If not, your chatbot can hand-over the conversation with the customer when the situation is too complex to be solved and requires human interference. That way, your human resources can focus on the bigger picture, rather than repetitive tasks.

  • Making a reservation/appointment quickly

If your business revolves around bookings and potential customers who need help with that, the process of making an appointment could be automated using a chatbot; so that it would require fewer resources from your side and less effort from your audience. Win-win situation.

  • Resolving a complaint/problem or connecting to the relevant department

Issues that your customers have can be automatically resolved and in no time, as long as they are within the chatbot’s capabilities. In other cases, your chatbot would connect the most suitable department that will be able to resolve the problem. In most cases, this means that your customers won’t have to wait for a long time before their issues are solved; thus keeping them satisfied with your service. Instead of waiting for hours on the phone in order to get ahold of customer support, your customers would get their complaints resolved within minutes using live-chat, which has been said to be the preferred channel for 73% of people for customer service.

People are generally curious, so if you get a lot of questions from your audience about your business, the products and services that you provide; then using a chatbot to answer all inquiries that arise will save you time and the effort of your customer support team. You can train a chatbot to answer the most frequented questions that you get about your company, with the answer that you want your customers to receive.



Humans VS chatbots VS hybrid

Human agents



  • answers complex problems
  •  understands human emotions
  • convenience
  • speed
  • 24/7 service
  • saves resources (effort, time, cost, human resource)
  • automates work

Using both human agents and chatbots could be the ultimate solution for a business. Chatbots would handle and resolve all the incoming messages and inquiries; in case a situation requires the intervention of a human, then the bot will immediately handover the customer to the human agent. This complementary strategy utilizes the advantages of each to deliver unparalleled customer service.

  • can’t scale the customer support system
  • can’t handle a huge number of requests
  • costly
  • does not work around the clock
  • might not be able  to handle certain complex questions from the audience


How chatbots improve customer service:

Problem #1:

Taking too long to respond to customers’ inquiries and interactions


Because no one really likes late replies, if someone sends you an inquiry about the services that you provide and gets an answer only a couple of hours late, it would not really leave a good impression about your business. Imagine now if you are receiving hundreds of messages per day, how do you make sure that you are replying to all of them, within minutes? Chatbots provide quick responses to questions or requests directed to them, with the option to add a small buffer time (2-10 seconds for example) so that it would seem more humanly. That way, you can respond to hundreds of inquiries simultaneously, leaving no current or potential customer unattended. This decreases the response time from the customers’ side and enhances their experience.

Problem #2:

Not having enough staff to support customer service


When employing a chatbot, you don’t need a big customer support team to handle your customers’ requests, since most inquiries can be handled by the chatbot. If the situation is too complex to solve, then your bot will hand it over to a human agent, when necessary.

Problem #3:

Your customers are in different time zones, so it is difficult to respond to all of them at appropriate times


Working 24/7 is not possible a lot of times for a business. Instead of creating work shifts for your customer support team, chatbots provide by the minute service, so they will be working all around the clock, responding to any inquiry you may receive at any time of the day. Even during weekends or holidays, your chatbot can still answer any request or inquiry that comes its way.

“53% of people prefer using online chat before having to call customer service.”

Problem #4:

People dislike communication methods such as the IVR and email, which could be ineffective to solve customers’ issues.


For an audience that does not like contacting support, chatting with a bot causes less stress than talking to human agents. 53% of people prefer using online chat before having to call customer support. So by employing customer support in the chat, your bot can provide accurate responses and solves your customers’ problems efficiently, as opposed to other communication methods.

Problem #5:

Not having sufficient data about your audience


Chatbots provide an alternative for data-gathering forms, as they can usually ask the same questions you ask in a form, in a conversational way, such as the name, email and the company of your visitor. That way, you can gather more insight about your potential customers to better understand their needs and behaviors, and add them to your database.

Problem #6:

You can’t scale your customer service, as resources will be limited at one point or another


Chatbots can respond to a mass number of customer requests at the same time. So instead of having to hire more agents the more your business scales, one chatbot can handle more and more requests than humans can usually handle. This compensates for having a huge customer support team; you can have your chatbot alongside a countable number of skilled human agents that only handle advanced requests.

Want to try it out for yourself? Head out to WideBot website so that you can get started for free and build your own chatbot today!


WhatsApp for Business Policy Update (July 2020)

WhatsApp released a new policy update to be effective starting the 9th of July 2020. This update focus more on the opt-in options in WhatsApp making them more flexible and, as a result, making a lot of things much easier. 

What does WhatsApp opt-in mean? 

As the new update is all about the opt-in options, it’s important to clarify what that is. Opting in is generally choosing to participate in something. Business-wise, it’s when you approve to get future notifications or emails, for example. This could happen through a notification, an email message, or even a regular text message. 

So when you opt-in to WhatsApp, you agree to receive messages from this business through WhatsApp; you give consent to that. 

 Why is opt-in important? 

If users don’t give you prior consent to being reached through WhatsApp, you’ll be violating WhatsApp Terms of Service and could possibly lose your WhatsApp for Business number.

Previously, opt-in was only possible through third-party options such as QR codes, widget, URLs, and SMS messages that would help the user opt-in to receiving messages from you.


What’s changed

The significant opt-in changes in the new update are: 

  1. It is now possible to opt-in without needing a third-party channel. 
  2. The content in your opt-in message doesn’t have to be contextually relevant to what the flow contains anymore. 
  3. You don’t need to include a visual element, such a checkbox, for your users to opt-in anymore. You can still do it, but it’s not mandatory. 
  4. Your users don’t need to manually provide the number in order to opt-in, the application will automatically opt them in when they choose to. 

These simple changes make it more flexible and hence much easier for business owners to get their users to opt-in. Users can even easily opt-in through an IVR option or in response to a message thread inside a WhatsApp conversation.

However, the requirements to create an opt-in are not the same. Business owners now have to clearly state that the user is opting-in to receive WhatsApp updates from the business while clearly stating the business’ name—if the business belongs to a mother company, for example, you can’t state the mother company’s name rather than the daughter company. The opt-in has to state the name of the business the opt-in is related to. 

What hasn’t changed

Template messages

The first message the business sends to the user has to follow one of the below categories and be approved by WhatsApp in advance which takes 1-2 days. Template messages are priced, and you can check their exact pricing here


Moreover, if a person messages the business, and for some reason, the business fails to respond within 24 hours, the business is obliged to only respond to the customer through one of the templates. 

This remains unaffected by the policy.

Session messages

Session messages are simply any message the business uses to respond to the customer within the 24-hour window. 

Type of messages allowed

WhatsApp currently only allows transactional notifications on the platform; they still don’t allow promotional notifications.

WhatsApp’s advice for you post-update

WhatsApp has a few pieces of advice for business owners after their new policy updates that will help optimize the user experience: 

  1. Inform the user what kind of message they’re signing up to receive
  2. Always provide your users with instructions to opt-out whenever they feel the need to and respect their choice to opt-out
  3. Avoid sending people too many messages so they don’t find you spammy or annoying
  4. Monitor the quality rating especially when trying new opt-in options

How WhatsApp aims to maintain quality

With all the flexibility WhatsApp is offering business owners, the real question that comes to mind is how WhatsApp will maintain the quality within the platform and prevent abuse of the new policy. 

Don’t worry, WhatsApp hasn’t forgotten about this; the company enhanced its block and report process to take immediate actions if a business account has been reported a significant number of times. Moreover, they’ve added options for users to express why they blocked a business in order to keep everything in check. They will also monitor businesses to detect low quality and take action, and lastly, Facebook reviews all opt-in options to make sure everything is living up to their quality standards. 

Your WhatsApp chatbot on WideBot

Through WideBot platform, you can easily build your chatbot in minutes without any need for a technical background and without any complications. 

Read more: How to build your WhatsApp bot

We’d love to set how creative businesses will get creating opt-ins for their customers after all the flexibility this update gives them. Sign up for your WhatsApp for Business solution with us and get started now!

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How to Build Your Chatbot with WideBot

ICYMI: we launched a new WideBot this month! New branding, upgraded platform, yet the same amazing quality in our products. 

Ever since we started WideBot, we had several visions, but one of the most important ones was providing a premium technological service for anyone, even people without any technological background; anyone can easily build their chatbot without feeling stuck, confused, or lost. 

It could take you a few minutes to build and launch a fully functional chatbot through WideBot, and through this article, we are going to guide you on how to. 

How is it possible? 

The WideBot platform uses a drag-and-drop interface that is meant to make the bot-building process simple, effortless, and fun.

As a result, building a chatbot solution becomes simply moving element A to section B rather than writing endless, advanced lines of coding.

The idea of a no-code technical service comes from the platform using a simple, more visual interface on the front-end rather than working with programming. 

Ready to build your chatbot? Let’s go! 

Step 1: Get started and sign up. 

Start by going to our website and signing up by clicking on Get Started for Free. To create an account on the WideBot platform, you have to connect your account with your Facebook account. 


Once you’re done connecting to Facebook, click on “ Build new experience” to get started. 


Step 2: Choose how you’d like to start building your chatbot. 

We have two options for your convenience: you can either build your chatbot from scratch or choose a relevant template to get you started. 


Below you’ll find a comparison between both that’ll help you decide which to go for.

From scratch Template
Takes more time as you will cater for every single detail and you’ll start with a blank template.


Building your bot from scratch ensures an even more unique experience for your users and is the best option if your industry is not included in the templates. 

Takes less time because it’s already ready and you just have to customize it to fit your needs.

 Templates are industry-based so you can pick the template that works best for your business and start working from there. 


Read more about templates: Introducing Templates.


For a clearer example, below is what starting a bot from scratch looks like: 


And this is what starting a bot from a ready-made template is like: 


Here, we are using the E-commerce template. As you can see, all flows are ready-made with simple variables that you can change to customize your bot to be ready within minutes. 

Step 3: Set your bot up 

First things first; name your bot and choose the page it’s meant to be associated with. You can click on “Playground” to skip this step, but you have to do it, either way, to be able to launch your bot.


If you cannot find your page, try renewing your Facebook. Note that you need to be an admin on a page in order to be able to connect it to a chatbot. 

You will then be asked to write the welcome message, which is the first message your user will see before interacting with the bot. Afterwards, you’re all set to start building your bot.

More about the platform features

Before we dig deeper into the building process, let’s take a moment and focus on the features we have and how you can use them to build your bot. Below are some of the most important features we have explained. 

Stand-alone features: 

Feature name Use-case How to Use
Broadcasting You can use this feature to send unified messages to your some of or all of your audience. You can also schedule these broadcasting messages to be sent on a specific time and date or repeated. Not just that, you can actually track your messages’ performance! Just click on Create New Broadcast, choose its name and type, choose the audience then time and you’re good to go!
Train You can use this feature to train your bot to respond to specific words said by the user when typing outside of the flow. For example, you set a scenario for the word “hello” and its derivatives so when the user sends it, it directs him to a specific flow.  Just click on Add New Scenario, write the user text and how the bot’s response will be et voila!


Features inside Settings

Feature name Use-case How to use
Team Collaboration Add your team members and work on the bot together Go to settings, scroll over to Bot Team, click on Assign a New Admin, copy the link, and send it to them within 24 hours. Each link is made for one person, and the link will direct them to create an account first then to the invitation. 


Features inside Playground

Feature name Use-case How to use
Handover Use this feature to transfer the conversation from the bot to your team and back when needed. Check our handover documentation for the full guide on how to set up the feature through our platform and through Facebook settings.
User Input Use this to receive input from the user and save it to an attribute. Just click User Input, choose the attribute and its condition and you’re good to go!
Go to Flow This feature can be used to redirect the user to a specific flow. Click on Go To Flow, and choose the flow and add any filters if you’d like and that’s it!
JSON API This feature is more on an advanced, technical side. You can use this feature to add integrations to your flow. As this requires deeper technical knowledge and setup, you can read all about it in our integration and JSON API guides.


Step 4: Set up your flows

Before we get started, we should define some terms you’ll come across a lot while using our platform: 

Flow A group of messages. Your bot is basically made up of different flows that connect to each other.
Playground The area where you use drag-and-drop to build your bot.
User Attribute A variable you insert and it collects data during the conversation. For example, if your flow says: “Hello, {{first-name}}” and the user’s first name is stated as Ahmed, the bot’s message will instead automatically be: “Hello, Ahmed”
Persistent Menu The menu below the chat with the bot whose location doesn’t change. You should always include essential options in this menu for a better experience for your users.
Quick Reply A quick reply is a button that leads to a flow. The difference between a quick reply and a button is that you can add an infinite number of quick replies and the bot can save your users’ quick reply choices as an attribute for later use.
Button A button leads to a flow, but it is only limited to 3 buttons per message and is only meant to direct the conversation.
Delay Delays make the bot respond later than the usual immediate response. This makes the conversation feel more human and controlled.


Time to start building! 


So once you’re done setting up the bot, you can start building your bot through Playground. Through the section highlighted in blue, you can add folders and organize your chatbot. You can add flows when adding folders or quickly when you need to while setting quick replies and buttons. 

You can start adding messages for the flow using the section highlighted in orange. These messages could be text, visuals, or a feature from the ones in the features section above. 

You can add quick replies and buttons from the arrows in blue and orange depending on your needs whether you need that button just to direct the conversation or you’d like to use the data the user chooses. 

You can add flows as you go and as you need to. 

Below is an example built from scratch for an e-commerce seller.


It can be as simple as you need it to be! Just add what you need to automate and you’re good to go.

Step 5: Test and publish! 

Once you’ve built the bot you want, click on the test button to get redirected to Messenger to test your bot first-hand. Finally, Tweak and edit until you’re completely satisfied with your bot experience! If you’ve connected your page at the beginning, you don’t need to do anything else except publish the page if you already haven’t. 

If you haven’t connected to a page, you’ll need to connect to be able to launch your bot.

Post-building step: Analyze

You can track how your bot is performing through the Analytics tab that simply shows you which users are reachable and which have blocked your bot. 


Moreover, you can always track your bot’s performance by analyzing your messages. The messages completely handled by the bot are automatically moved to the Done folder in your page inbox, and you can review the messages to analyze if there are dead ends in the conversations or places where people get stuck or confused, and you can then edit your bot to enhance the experience and so on. 

Ready? Go!

And that concludes our step-by-step guide for you to build your chatbot on WideBot platform. Now that you know everything in detail, you have no reason to wait any longer. 

Get started for free

ما المقصود بالتسويق عن طريق روبوتات الدردشة ولماذا تحتاج إليه؟


:شرح المصطلح

(chatbot) ما هو روبوت الدردشة

روبوت الدردشة هو برنامج كمبيوتر، يعتمد على الذكاء الاصطناعي في بعض الأحيان، ويُستخدم لمحاكاة المحادثات البشرية من خلال فهم طلبات المستخدمين وأسئلتهم ثم منحهم إجابات ذات صلة. وتُستخدم روبوتات الدردشة في المواقع الإلكترونية وتطبيقات المحمول وقنوات إرسال الرسائل بهدف مساعدة العمليات التشغيلية والمبيعات في العمل بشكل أكثر فاعلية مع تقديم خدمات قيِّمة للجمهور.


في ظل الوتيرة السريعة التي تسير بها الأعمال في عصرنا الحالي والتي تفرض علينا الابتكار المستمر لضمان التميز عن منافسينا، لم تعد روبوتات الدردشة من  الكماليات التي يمكن الاستغناء عنها؛ بل هي جزءٌ لا يتجزأ لاستمرار العمل. هناك استخدامات متعددة لروبوتات الدردشة سنعمل على مناقشتها في سلسلة من المقالات؛   لكن في هذا المقال الذي بين أيدينا، سنرى كيف يمكن استخدام منصة وايد بوت لتحسين استراتيجية التسويق والعمليات التشغيلي

وسنجيب في هذا المقال عن السؤال التالي: كيف يمكن تحقيق تفاعل عالٍ مع العملاء الحاليين والمحتملين وحل مشكلاتهم بطريقة سهلة وعالية المردود وذكية؟

ما المقصود بالتسويق باستخدام روبوتات الدردشة؟

باختصار، التسويق باستخدام روبوتات الدردشة هو الترويج للمنتجات والخدمات باستخدام روبوت للدردشة، من خلال دمجه داخل القنوات المختلفة المستخدَمة مثل الموقع الإلكتروني وتطبيق المحمول ومنصات التواصل الاجتماعي، مثل خدمة الماسنجر على منصة فيسبوك، والإنستغرام، والواتساب.

هل تريد معرفة تفاصيل أكثر؟ كل ما عليك هو متابعة قراءة هذا المقال لتفهم بشكل أفضل كيف يمكنك استخدام روبوتات الدردشة لتحسين أداء التسويق لديك وخلق علامة تجارية مميزة ومذهلة لشركتك.

:مزايا التسويق باستخدام روبوتات الدردشة

١. توفير الموارد

ونقصد بالموارد هنا الوقت، والمال، والأيدي العاملة. واستخدام روبوتات الدردشة في عملك يقلص استخدام جميع تلك الموارد بحيث تتمكن من العمل بشكل أكثر فاعلية واستغلال الأصول الموجودة لديك في المواطن اللازمة. فبدلًا من إضاعة ساعات وساعات للرد على كل رسالة تتلقاها من عميل حالي أو محتمل وتخصيص العديد من الموظفين للقيام بذلك، يمكنك الآن الرد على كل رسالة باستخدام الحد الأدنى من الموارد.

٢. الرد السريع

لا أحد يحب الانتظار طويلًا للحصول على رد. لذا فإن استخدام روبوت للدردشة يتيح لك الرد بشكل فوري على استفسارات العملاء الحاليين والمحتملين بهامش وقت بسيط (3-10 ثوانٍ على سبيل المثال) تحدده بصورة تعطي المرسِل انطباعًا أنه يتواصل مع إنسانٍ وليس مع آلة.

٣. الإتاحة على مدار اليوم

يوم العمل المعتاد يستمر 9 ساعات؟ حسنًا، هذا لا ينطبق على روبوت الدردشة. ففي أي وقت أثناء اليوم أو في أي يوم خلال الأسبوع، سيتصرف روبوت الدردشة باعتباره ممثلًا لعملك أينما حاول جمهورك التواصل معك. فإذا كنت تدير منصة للرعاية الصحية، على سبيل المثال، فمن الطبيعي تمامًا أن تكون متاحًا للرد على استفسارات جمهورك طوال الوقت؛ لا سيما في وقتٍ كالذي نمر به حاليًا حيث تخطر عشرات الأسئلة على بالنا جميعًا على مدار الساعة فيما يخص الجائحة.

٤. أتمتة العمل

نظرًا للسرعة البالغة التي يتقدم بها العالم بأكمله، فلا معنى لتنفيذ المهام نفسها مرارًا وتكرارًا، إذا كان بوسعك أن تقوم ببساطة بأتمتتها، لتوفر بذلك الوقت والمجهود. وستعمل روبوتات الدردشة على أتمتة بعض مهام التسويق بحيث تعفي نفسك من عبء التفكير المستمر في إنجاز المهام التي لا تحظى بأولوية كبيرة لديك؛ وتقوم بدلًا من ذلك بتجهيز إجابات على أسئلة العملاء في كل مرة يبدأون فيها محادثة مع شركتك، بحيث يتمكن روبوت الدردشة من الرد بشكل آلي باستخدام الرد الأنسب من قائمة الردود المخزَّنة مسبقًا التي أدخلتها عند إنشائه.

٥. الملائمة لكافة المجالات والشركات

أيًا ما كان المجال الذي تعمل فيه وأيًا ما كان نوع الشركة التي تديرها، ستجد العديد من نماذج روبوتات الدردشة المناسبة لك. وتستخدم المستشفيات والمطاعم وشركات الحلول التقنية والتجارة الإلكترونية والكثير من الشركات الأخرى روبوتات الدردشة في منصات التسويق المختلفة لديها لخلق محادثات أكثر تأثيرًا مع العملاء.

٦. إضافة الطابع البشري على العلامة التجارية

اجعل علامتك التجارية في مصاف العلامات التي تتفهم عملائها وتواكب احتياجاتهم واهتماماتهم. وروبوت الدردشة يتبنى السمت العام لعلامتك التجارية بحيث لا يشعر من يتحدث معه أنه يحادث روبوتاً، وإنما يترك انطباعًا أن هناك إنسانٌ يتحدث إليه. وإذا كانت علامتك التجارية تتحدث العربية وتعمل في بلدٍ عربي، فعليك إنشاء روبوت يتحدث العربية ويتفاعل مع الجمهور بلغة ولهجة مفهومة له.

٧. الاعتماد على الذكاء الاصطناعي

معظم منشئي روبوتات الدردشة يعتمدون على التسلسل أو على مجموعة من الردود المخصصة لبعض الأسئلة التي يطرحها المستخدم. أما في وايد بوت فيمكن لروبوت الدردشة الخاص بك أن يكون ذكيًا!*وذلك لأن الروبوتات المعتمدة على الذكاء الاصطناعي يمكنها أن تتعلم من العملاء، وأن تحسِّن ردودها استنادًا إلى كل جديدٍ تتعلمه. وبهذا، يصبح أداؤها أفضل يومًا بعد يوم، ويحقق فهمًا أفضل لاحتياجات جمهورك.

*تعد روبوتات الدردشة المعتمدة على الذكاء الاصطناعي خاصية تقدم في خطط الشركات. لمعرفة المزيد، تواصل مع فريق المبيعات لدينا.

:استخدامات التسويق بواسطة روبوتات الدردشة

مشاركة الأخبار والمستجدات


يعد روبوت الدردشة أداةً عظيمة لنشر الأخبار الجديدة عن شركتك أو آخر التحديثات في المنتجات وأحدث الإصدارات. وباستخدامه تضمن أن يظل الجمهور على اطلاع دائم بأنشطة شركتك.

:وعند إطلاق خدمة جديدة أو إصدار خصائص، يمكنك القيام بما يلي

مشاركة الأخبار مع العملاء المحتملين الذين تواصلوا معك من خلال روبوت الدردشة ويرغبون في فهم الخدمات والمنتجات المقدمة من جانبك بشكل أفضل –

تجميع الملاحظات والتعليقات من العملاء بعد الشراء –

 التسويق للمنتج الجديد وتوجيه حركة الرسائل إلى روبوت الدردشة بحيث يرد على استفسارات المستخدمين ويقدم العروض المتاحة لديك بطريقة تشبه المحادثة –

خلق سمعة طيبة لتفاعلك مع العملاء

يسهِّل استخدام روبوت دردشة المحادثة مع العملاء المحتملين والعملاء الحاليين، ويعطي انطباعًا أن شركتك مواكبة لأحدث التطورات التكنولوجية في العصر الحالي.

وبدلًا من استخدام الطرق التقليدية مثل البريد الإلكتروني أو الهاتف، تصبح علامتك التجارية قريبةً من العملاء وتستخدم المنصات التي يستخدمونها باستمرار، مثل الواتساب والفيسبوك وسناب شات. وبالتالي يصبح بوسع الناس التفاعل معها ويتولد لديهم شعورٌ أنك على بُعد رسالة واحدةٍ منهم في وقت يكون لديهم استفسار أو حاجة لمعرفة المزيد.

وحين يتفاعل عميلٌ مع علامتك التجارية، تصبح لديك فترةً محددة على كل منصة إما لإعادة المحادثة من أولها أو لاستكمالها معهم. على سبيل المثال، في منصة فيسبوك، تتوفر لروبوت الدردشة 24 ساعة لإرسال العروض الترويجية عن منتجاتك أو خدماتك؛ وهو ما يمكن أن يثير اهتمام المستخدمين لمعرفة المزيد وبالتالي تأمين صفقة بيع للشركة.

وحتى وإن لم تتمكن من تأمين البيع على الفور، عليك التفاعل والتواصل مع العملاء بحيث تبني علاقات ودية معهم تضمن لك تحقيق النجاح في أي تعامل معهم مستقبلًا. فعلى سبيل المثال، يمكنك باستخدام استطلاعات رأي سريعة ومسليِّة أن تحصل على أفكار ومعلومات قيِّمة عن اهتمامات العملاء وما يرغبون في رؤية المزيد منه.

تحديد العملاء المحتملين المناسبين

  (hot leads) الخاص بك، فمن المهم أن تكون قادرًا على تحديد العملاء المحتملين الجاهزين للشراء فورًا (sales funnel) إذا كنت ترغب في تحسين مخروط المبيعات  (cold leads) والعملاء المحتملين المترددين الذين تلزمهم المزيد من المعلومات

مثلاً حين يدخل مستخدم إلى موقعك الإلكتروني، فإنك تريد أن تعرف على الفور ما إذا كان عميلًا محتملًا أم أنه مجرد زائر عابر لا يعرف أي شيء عما تقدمه. وهنا فإن استخدام روبوت الدردشة لبدء محادثة مع الزائر وطرح بعض الأسئلة المحدِّدة عليه ومعرفة مدى إمكانية اعتباره عميلًا محتملًا يمكن أن يحدث فارقًا فيما إذا كنت ستضمن صفقة بيع أم ستخسرها.

لا نملك رفاهية خسارة العميل المحتمل الجاهز للشراء فورًا أو بعد فترة وجيزة لأسباب واهية، ولهذا يعمل روبوت الدردشة على إرسال هذا النوع من العملاء المحتملين مباشرةً إلى فريق المبيعات لديك لإتمام البيع؛ في حين يقدم للعملاء المحتملين المترددين المهتمين بمنتجاتك أو خدماتك ما يلزمهم من المعلومات ليتخذوا قرارًا نهائيًا. وبهذه الطريقة توفر الموارد التي يمكن أن تُهدر على كافة أنواع المستخدمين، حتى وإن كانوا غير مفيدين بالمرة للعمل، وتركِّز جهودك على ما يمكن أن يساعد في نمو عملك.

:أمثلة على الأسئلة المحدِّدة

ما الذي أتى بك إلى هنا اليوم؟ –
ماذا تعرف عن [اسم المنتج]؟ –
هل أنت عميل حالي لدى [اسم شركتك]؟ –
هل تحتاج إلى مساعدة في هذا الصدد؟ –

:أمثلة على الأسئلة المحدِّدة

ما الذي أتى بك إلى هنا اليوم؟ –
ماذا تعرف عن [اسم المنتج]؟ –
هل أنت عميل حالي لدى [اسم شركتك]؟ –
هل تحتاج إلى مساعدة في هذا الصدد؟ –


تجربة مستخدم شخصية


البشر بفطرتهم يحبون أن يشعروا أن لهم مكانة خاصة. ولأن روبوتات الدردشة تحاكي المحادثات البشرية، فإن كل عميل يتفاعل معها يحظى بتجربة مختلفة عن الآخرين؛ لا سيما إذا كانت معتمدة على الذكاء الاصطناعي لأنه يرد بناءً على سلوك كل مستخدم واهتماماته وإجاباته خلال المحادثة.

وبالتالي فإن إضافة لمسة شخصية تمنح الجمهور تجربة فريدة، وذلك بالاهتمام بكل تجربة على حدة ومنحها قيمة خاصة. ويلعب هذا دورًا مؤثرًا، وإن كان غير مباشر، في تشجيع العملاء المحتملين والعملاء الحاليين على الاهتمام أكثر بعلامتك التجارية وبالتالي تحقيق مبيعات أكبر.

:نقطة البداية

١. التخطيط

٢. إنشاء الروبوت الخاص بك

٣. الترويج


الخطوة الأول في أي أمرٍ هي التخطيط له، وهو ما يعني في السياق الحالي: وضع الأهداف والإستراتيجية لروبوت الدردشة الخاص بك، وتحديد القنوات التي ستستخدمه فيها. تأكد من أن لديك خطة تسويق قوية يمكنك إطلاقها والمضي قدمًا في تنفيذها بمجرد الانتهاء من إنشاء الروبوت وتشغيله. ما عدد عمليات التواصل التي تستهدف تحقيقها، وكيف سيكون سير العمل في كل منها؟ وما اللغة التي سيستخدمها روبوت الدردشة؟ وما رسالة الترحيب التي ستعرضها؟

 (SMART) حدد أهدافًا لروبوت الدردشة تتسم بالتحديد والقابلية للقياس والقابلية للتحقيق والملائمة والتقيد بجدول زمني –

حدد القنوات التي سيتم تشغيل روبوت الدردشة فيها. هل ستجعله مقتصرًا على موقعك الإلكتروني، أم ستستخدمه على الفيسبوك والواتساب أيضًا؟ –

أوجِد شخصية مميزة لروبوت الدردشة، ويشمل ذلك تحديد سمت وسلوك يناسبان علامتك التجارية –

قم بإنشاء رحلة مستخدم للعملاء الذي يتفاعلون مع روبوت الدردشة وردودهم المحتملة –

إنشاء روبوت الدردشة

هذا ليس في نطاق تخصصك التقني؟ لا مشكلة في ذلك.

بخلاف المفهوم الشائع، لا يتطلب إنشاء روبوت الدردشة لشركتك أي خلفية تقنية من أي نوع. فباستخدام منصة وايد بوت السهلة الاستخدام، يمكنك بناء روبوت دردشة في أقل من ١٠ دقائق

هل أنت مستعد لبناء روبوت الدردشة الخاصة بك؟

 ابدأ الآن

إذا كنت ترغب في إنشاء روبوت دردشة بخصائص محددة، أي قائم على الذكاء الاصطناعي، يمكنك التواصل مع فريق المبيعات لدينا لتعريفك بما يناسب احتياجات العمل لديك.


لا يتوقف الأمر عند إنشاء روبوت الدردشة الخاص بك ونشره؛ فالعامل المحدِّد الذي يتوقف عليه تحقيق الأداء المميز هو تعريف الجمهور بوجوده والترويج له بحيث يمكن للجمهور التفاعل معه. والآن، كيف يمكنك تعريف المستخدمين بروبوت الدردشة الخاص بك؟

نصائح للتسويق لروبوت الدردشة الخاص بك

: نصائح للتسويق لروبوت الدردشة الخاص بك

قدِّم عرضًا حصريًا للمشتركين في روبوت الدردشة –
 على موقع فيسبوك (plugins) قم بتفعيل أدوات إضافية –
في إعلاناتك (Message Us) “استخدم زر “تواصل معنا عبر الرسائل –
ورابط مميّزين لروبوت الدردشة (landing page) قم بإنشاء صفحة هبوط –
انضم إلى المجتمعات الإلكترونية المناسبة وروِّج لروبوت الدردشة فيها –
 الموجودة على منصة فيسبوك (Discover) أدخِل روبوت الدردشة في علامة التبويب “اكتشف” أو –

أسئلة شائعة

هل يمكن لروبوت الدردشة أن يفهم اللهجات العربية المختلفة؟

إذا كنت تستخدم وايد بوت WideBot، فسيكون بوسع روبوت الدردشة الخاص بك أن يتحدث العربية أو الإنجليزية، حسب أسلوب العلامة التجارية واتجاهها العام. ويمكنك استخدام لغة قياسية أو يمكن لروبوت الدردشة أن يرد حسب لغة العميل ولهجته. وتعد منصة وايد بوت WideBot المنصة الوحيدة التي يمكن لروبوت الدردشة فيها التحدث بجميع اللهجات العربية: اللهجة الخليجية، والمصرية، والمغربية، والشامية … فهو مزودٌ بكل اللهجات.

هل تعمل روبوتات الدردشة باستخدام الذكاء الاصطناعي؟

ليست كل روبوتات الدردشة تتمتع بالذكاء الاصطناعي؛ فبعضها مجهزٌ بتسلسل معين ويسير بشكل محدد في كل المحادثات. أما الروبوتات التي تعمل بالذكاء الاصطناعي فتتعلم من العملاء وتتأقلم مع اهتماماتهم والطريقة التي يتحدثون بها؛ وبالتالي كلما زاد عدد المحادثات التي تجريها تلك الروبوتات، زاد ذكاء ردودها. وإذا كنت تريد أن يصبح روبوت الدردشة لديك معتمدًا على الذكاء الاصطناعي، فمنصة وايد بوت WideBot لديها فريقٌ مختص بالذكاء الاصطناعي وسيساعدك في بناء واحدٍ يلبي احتياجات عملك.

ما المنصات التي يمكنني استخدام روبوت الدردشة عليها؟

:يمكن دمجها على

الموقع الرسمي لشركتك –

خدمة الماسنجر على منصة فيسبوك –

واتساب –

انستغرام –

تليجرام –

أو أي منصة أخرى تحتاج روبوت الدردشة فيها.

تريد أن تجرب الأمر بنفسك؟ توجَّه إلى موقعنا لتتمكن من البدء مجانًا في بناء روبوت الدردشة الخاصة بك اليوم!

How to Grow and Engage Your Audience With a Chatbot

Chatbots started getting really popular in 2016, and they haven’t stopped growing since then It’s honestly no shocker; chatbots have an increasingly high potential that can boost any business to a new level. 

It’s not just business loving chatbots; customers love the convenience often brought by chatbot so much that there will be using chatbots even more than you think. 


While a lot of people may think chatbots are just a phase in technology, the chatbot market size is projected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7%. 

That’s a lot of growth that you would most certainly love to be a part of!  Aside from the industry itself being an ever-growing industry, chatbots can help your business grow in endless ways. 

Chatbots and Businesses 

Chatbots are a huge help to businesses, they can take a business’ experience to a whole new level on their own.

You might wonder why a chatbot would be useful for your company, especially if you’ve never considered it. Here’s why: 


Other than its availability, It is so easy to interact with a chatbot because it’s available right where you at. So if a customer wants to reach out to you, they would open your Facebook page and instantly interact with your chatbot from the comfort of their own Messenger app or site. It’s that convenience that makes chatbots a success. 

To add to this beautiful mix of chatbot benefits, the flows inside chatbots are made to naturally flow in the conversation yet remain as organized as you want them to be. You can easily make sure the conversation goes the way you want it to. 

With the why in mind, here’s the how it results in: 

  1. Your customers will LOVE you, and there is only so much you can do when you give your customers a good customer experience: having a good relationship with your customers makes them remain your customers, makes them satisfied with your services, and even makes them loyal enough to promote your business for you.
  2. Your chatbots can enhance your sales in more ways than you can imagine. A chatbot can carry on the entire sales cycle on its own, it can promote your products, recommend relevant ones, and even sell them in the swiftest, easiest way possible. Your customers will love being able to buy from you at any time without having to go through phone calls and all.

Read more: The Complete Chatbot Take On Customer Relationship

Chatbots and Customers


We mentioned that chatbots can improve your relationship with your customers and how they can help you retain, entertain, and satisfy them, but how exactly does it do that? 

Let’s dig deeper here. Through chatbots’ instant responses and conversational flows, they foster engagement between the customer and the chatbot. In fact, a lot of customers might come back just to engage with the chatbot because they find it fun. Other people get super curious and decide to converse with a chatbot for the sake of having tried it, but most of the time they do end up loving it. 

Engagement is just the tip of the iceberg here. Chatbots can be configured to make every single customer feel heard and special; they can personalize every customer’s conversation like it’s tailor-made for them while responding to every other customer at the same time. We could never do that. 

The best bit about chatbots is the improvement in the quality of the service provided to the customers. Let me ask, have you ever called your bank’s customer support, waited on hold for over 30 minutes, then gave up and hung up totally dissatisfied? Chatbots, they just… simply don’t do that. They respond instantly, work on your issue on the spot, and hand the conversation over when they need to. A chatbot experience is much more convenient and satisfying.  

You can always depend on chatbots with customer support; in fact, chatbots can already solve 80% of customer queries, leaving only 20% of complex queries for human agents to focus on.

The thing about chatbots and customer service is that it’s not just a convenience to the customers; as a matter of fact, chatbots do help customer support agents.

Chatbots and Sales


Not only do chatbots help with the entire process of selling, but customers are actually more open to using chatbots than you think. 47% of people would buy through social media platforms, and 40% of people of all ages would actually prefer to use a chatbot online. According to surveys, people love how easy it is to use a chatbot to buy things!

Chatbots and Growth

There are several ways you can make your audience grow even bigger with an audience, such as several plugins that make your chatbot more reachable, and simple hacks that make your chatbot pop. You can check them out here!

The growth a chatbot is capable of: a case study

In 2016, The Wall Street Journal launched a chatbot on both Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. The WSJ Messenger bot has acquired over 130k daily active users within the first 14 months of creation with 70% of those being daily users later on! 

Chatbots can and will do wonders for your business. Just build one, sit back, and watch the results come to you.

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Say Ahlan to the New WideBot 👋

We’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on for the last couple of months. 

Our goal at WideBot is to empower businesses to employ conversational AI technologies to grow and scale every aspect of their businesses. And today, we’re a step closer to that goal.

Meet the new WideBot:

Why a new WideBot?

Over the past years, WideBot has grown and evolved to be the leading Arabic AI conversational platform in the Middle East.

Our offerings evolved, our portfolio expanded, and we have worked with a lot of companies, enterprises, SMEs, scaleups and governments in over 40 countries to deliver more than 2500 highly complex and of top-notch quality bots used by more than 3 million users.

But our brand and design experience have been lagging. Developing our proprietary enterprise-grade AI-engine, and extending our recently launched chatbot builder while providing stellar customer support has been our focus, but now is the time the brand catches up.

What’s new?

The reveal of our new visual identity is more than just a modern look. It’s a chance to further everyone’s understanding of who we are, and where are we going, with an increased focus on providing our amazing technology to a wider audience through our builder and our brand new website.

A new logo and visual identity

WideBot’s new logo and colors – developed by Zeeny design house – is carefully crafted to capture the soul of our brand.

WideBot’s proprietary AI engine, developed in our own data labs, sets it apart from any competition. It allows us to empower businesses to provide their clients with a human-like conversation experience.

The logo elements: Two intersecting chat bubbles, one represents the Arabic واو (the first letter of WideBot in Arabic) and the other represents the letter “b,” the first letter of “bot.”

The design is centered by two Arabic dots نقطة which also represents the famous typing double-dot and captures the eye of the viewer. 

Our new colors of choice are dominant orange and blue. Orange combines red’s power and energy, while yellow conveys friendliness. A mix that represents the soul of our brand, complemented by a blue shade of dependability and trust.

Even our font choice is deliberate. The Plex font suite represents a perfect balance between man and machine, natural and engineered; A balance we strive as a company to strike through creating AI-powered bots that can make human-like conversations and combine the strengths of man and technology.

Introducing Templates

We say, build your bot in minutes, and we mean it.

With our newly implemented chatbot templates, you can easily pick a template that fits your needed use case to have an almost ready chatbot that needs only a few tweaks to be ready to publish.

Our growing template library currently contains 15 ready-to-use templates with cases like restaurants, COVID-19 awareness, NGOs, E-commerce, news and publications and more.

Our templates are battle-tested and already been used by the likes of Vezeeta, Shell and Careem. Learn more about the new templates feature →

Whatsapp chatbot

With more than 155M WhatsApp subscribers in MENA, 65 billion messages sent daily; Whatsapp is the number 1 messaging app in the world, and connecting with your clients there is not an option anymore.

We know that at WideBot, so we developed our product to enable you to connect to your customers over their favorite channel. Request a WhatsApp bot demo now →

Broadcast to everyone who has ever interacted with you!

One of the most requested features on the builder is now live.

You can now send a broadcast to all users who have ever interacted with your page messaging even before connecting your page to WideBot!

Not only that, but our new broadcast filter feature also allows you to choose who will get your broadcasted messages; people who last interacted? Those who viewed a certain product or went through a specific flow?

You have complete control!

Up next: Audience

Next in our pipeline is releasing our new Audience tab. It will be a section where you can view all your chatbot users in one place, manage them and view their attributes. You won’t need to download it to an excel sheet anymore.

We are not done yet. There is more to come.

The pipeline is stuffed this year. We are preparing a lot of major updates, features and releases so keep following us for more.

For speaking or interview requests, please contact marketing@WideBot.net

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What is chatbot marketing & why do you need it?



What is a chatbot?
A chatbot is a computer program, AI-based sometimes, that is used to simulate human conversations by understanding users’ requests and orders then giving relevant answers. They’re used in websites, mobile applications and messaging channels in order to help business operations and sales run more efficiently while providing valuable service to the audience.


In a fast-paced time when you have to innovate to stand out between competitors, a chatbot is no longer a luxury tool that you may or may not use, but an integral one to sustain your business. There are many uses for a chatbot that we’re going to discuss in a series of articles, but in this one, let’s discover how you can utilize your Widebot to optimize your marketing strategy and processes. How can you reach high engagement with your customers and prospects, and solve their problems in an easy, cost-efficient, and intelligent way?

What is chatbot marketing?

Long story short, chatbot marketing is when you promote your products and services using a chatbot, by integrating it with the different channels you use such as your website, mobile app and social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Long story long? Scroll down to understand better how you can use a chatbot to optimize your marketing performance and create an impressive branding for your business.

Benefits of chatbot marketing:

Saves resources

Time, money, manpower…using a chatbot for your business cuts down all these resources so that you operate more efficiently and utilize your assets where they’re needed. Instead of spending hours getting back to every message you receive from a customer or a prospect and allocating several employees for the job, you can now get back to everyone with minimal resources.

Quick responses

No one’s a big fan of long response time. Using a chatbot, customers and prospective customers will get immediate responses to their inquiries with only a short buffer time (3-10 seconds for instance) that you set to make it feel more humanly.

• Available 24/7

You have a regular 9-hour work day? Chatbots don’t. At any time during the day or at any day during the week, your chatbot will act as a representative to your business whenever your audience needs to reach out to you. If you’re running a healthcare platform, for example, it makes all the sense to be available to your audience’s inquiries at all times; especially during times like these where everyone has tens of questions regarding the pandemic that come to mind all around the clock.

Work automation

With the speed at which the entire world is advancing, it does not make sense to keep doing the same tasks over and over again if they could simply be automated, saving precious time and effort. Chatbots will automate certain marketing tasks so that you could keep your low priorities at the back of your mind. Instead of curating responses to your customers’ questions each time they strike up a conversation with your business, your chatbot can automatically respond with the most suitable reply from a list of pre-stored responses that you enter when building your bot.

Adaptive to all industries & businesses

No matter what industry you work in or what type of business you’re running, there are a variety of chatbot templates that are suitable. Hospitals, restaurants, technology solutions, e-commerce businesses and a lot more are using chatbots across their different marketing platforms to create impactful conversations with their customers. 

Humanizing your brand

Position your brand as one that understands and adapts to its customers, in terms of their needs and their interests. A chatbot adopts the tone and voice of your brand so that it feels less like a robot and more like a human chatting with your audience. If your brand speaks in Arabic and operates in an Arab country, then build an Arabic chatbot that interacts with your audience in a language and dialect that they understand.


Most chatbot builders are determined by sequences, or a set of responses to certain questions by the user. At WideBot, your chatbot can be intelligent!* AI-based chatbots learn from your customers, and enhance their responses based on their new learnings. That way, your chatbot performs better by the day and well understands your audience’s needs.

*AI-based chatbots are an enterprise plan feature. Contact our sales team if you want to learn more.

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Uses of chatbot marketing:

1. Sharing news and updates

You can learn more about Shell’s products and services through their chatbot by WideBot.

A chatbot is a great tool to spread the word about your company news or product updates and releases. That way your audience is always informed and up-to-date with your business activities.

When launching a new service or releasing features, you can:

• Share the news with prospects who reach out to you through your chatbot and want to better understand the services and products you provide;

• Gather feedback from your customers after their purchase;

• Market the new product and direct the traffic to your chatbot who would answer the users’ inquiries and present your offerings in a conversation-like method, instead of your website.

2. Brand engagement with customers

Example of an e-commerce platform where you can place orders through the Messenger chatbot by WideBot.

Using a chatbot facilitates conversation with your prospect and current clients, and conveys the impression that your business is up to the minute with the global technological advancements of its time.

Instead of traditional methods such as email or phone, your brand is close to your customers and uses similar platforms to the ones they actively use, like WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat. People can engage with your brand and feel that you’re only one message away whenever they have an inquiry or need to learn more.

When a customer interacts with your brand, you have a certain duration on each platform to restart or continue the conversation with them. For example, on Facebook Messenger, your chatbot has 24 hours to send promotions about your products or services; which could trigger the users’ interest in learning more, and hence, securing a sale.

Read more: New Messenger Policies: all you need to know.

Even if you can’t make an immediate sale, engage your audience so that you build rapport with them that would guarantee the success of future interactions. Using quick, entertaining polls, for instance, you can get valuable insight about their interests and what they would like to see more of.

3. Qualifying leads

If you want to optimize your sales funnel, then it is important that you are able to distinguish between hot leads and cold leads, leads who are ready to buy your product and leads who are still hesitant and want to learn more.

When a user lands on your website for example, you want to immediately find out whether they’re a prospective client or they’re a random visitor who does not know anything about your business. Having a chatbot start a conversation to ask the visitor some qualifying questions that determine who relevant of a lead they are can make a difference between whether you secure a deal or lose it.

Hot/warm leads cannot be lost due to insignificant reasons, so these are directly sent by your chatbot to the sales team to seal the deal; while cold leads who could potentially be interested in your product or service are offered the information they need to make up their mind. This way you save resources that could be wasted on all sorts of an audience, even those who are completely irrelevant, and focus your efforts into what will help your business grow.

Examples of qualifying questions:
– What brought you here today?
– What do you know about [your product]?
– Are you a current customer of [your company]?
– Do you need some help with that?


4. Personalized user experience

Find out how you can protect yourself from COVID-19 and what are the nearest places to you where you can test for it through Cleopatra Hospitals Group’s chatbot.

Human beings have the tendency to want to feel special. Because chatbots simulate human-like conversations, each customer that interacts with the chatbot gets an experience that is different from everyone else’s; especially if the chatbot is AI-based, as it responds based on each user’s behaviors, interests and responses during the conversation.

Personalization gives the audience a unique experience, as you are giving value and significance to each one of them. This plays an indirect yet impactful role in encouraging your prospects and customers to grow fond of your brand, and promote more sales in consequence.

Getting started:

1. Plan
2. Build your bot
3. Promote


The first step in anything is to plan, which in this context means: set goals and a strategy for your chatbot, and decide on the channels that you’re going to utilize it in.Make sure that you have a solid marketing plan that you will launch and follow once your bot is up and running. How many sequences will you create, and how will the flow of each of them go? What language will your chatbot operate in? What will be your welcome message?

• Set SMART goals for your bot: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound).

• Decide on the channels that your chatbot will operate on. Are you going to limit it to your website, or are you going to use it on Facebook and WhatsApp as well?

• Create a character for your bot, including a voice and tone that matches your brand’s.

• Build a user’s journey for customers who interact with the chatbot and their potential responses.

Creating your bot

You’re not a techie? No problem. 

Contrary to some belief, creating a chatbot for your business does not require any tech background whatsoever. Using Widebot’s intuitive platform, you can build your own bot in less than 10 minutes. 

Ready to build your own bot?

Get started for free

If you want a custom chatbot, that is AI-based, you can contact our sales team who will match you with your business needs. Talk to an expert.

Read more: Your step-by-step checklist for building chatbots.


It doesn’t stop at building and publishing your chatbot, the determinant of a great performance is making it known and publicized to your audience so that they engage with it. So how can you bring users to your bot?

Tips on marketing your chatbot
– Give your chatbot subscribers an exclusive offer
– Activate Facebook plugins
– Use the “Message Us” button on your ads
– Create a unique landing page and URL for your chatbot
– Join the relevant online communities and promote it there
– Submit your bot to Facebook’s Discover tab


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my chatbot understand different Arabic dialects?

If you’re using WideBot, then your chatbot can speak both Arabic or English, depending on your brand’s voice and tone. You can choose a standard language or your chatbot can reply according to your customers’ language and dialect. WideBot is the only platform where your chatbot can speak using every Arabic dialect: Khaleeji, Egyptian, North African, Levantine…it’s got it all.

Are chatbots powered by AI?

Not all chatbots are artificially intelligent; some are set up with specific sequences and flows that they follow in the conversation. AI chatbots learn from your customers and adapt to each of their interests and the way they speak; so the more conversations they have, the more intelligent their replies will get. If you want your chatbot to be AI-based, then WideBot’s dedicated AI team will help you build one that meets your business needs.

What platforms can I use a chatbot in?

We can integrate your chatbot on:
• Your company website;
• Facebook Messenger;
• WhatsApp;
• Instagram;
• Telegram;
or any channel you need a chatbot in.

Want to try it out for yourself? Head out to our website so that you can get started for free and build your own chatbot today!