Life would be much easier if you could simply find everything you need to know about your users in one tab, right?

We know. That’s why we’re super excited to share with you our latest feature: the Audience tab. 

What is the Audience tab? 

The Audience tab is simply your little CRM tool within our bot-building platform; it’s your gateway into knowing your customers and managing them better. 

Through the audience tab you can: 

  1. View all of your bot subscribers’ personal information
  2. Search within the data you receive
  3. Save their data as attributes where you can easily view your subscribers’ data along with the custom data that Facebook, the WideBot platform, or even the custom attributes provide you.  
  4. Manage your bot subscribers where you can select or edit their attributes
  5. Block users in case you might need to

The addition of this feature gives you the luxury of being able to understand and manage your audience all through one tab with utmost simplicity: 

You can filter your users more accurately and master customized communication with your customers more effectively. 

That’s not all! We’re still working on developing the Audience tab with even more features that will guarantee you an ultimately convenient experience.

         Give Audience a try now!