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Customer experience automation tools enable you to instantly communicate with your clients to achieve your desired CX goals, including but not limited to higher conversion rates, better customer experience than your competitors, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction!

Today, your clients don’t have the patience to wait until one of your customer service agents is available to answer their questions and inquiries. According to research, humans’ attention span has shrunk significantly to 8.25 seconds. Thus your client would get distracted and forget his request if your customer agent responded a little bit late to him. whether a call or a chatting experience.

“Chatbot” Solutions provide a much faster and more accessible customer experience, enabling you to connect with your clients.

In January 2022, WhatsApp had approximately 2.000 Million unique active users worldwide.

Following this article, we’ll walk you through how the WhatsApp chatbot could help accelerate sales outcomes and drive long-term relationships with your clients.


What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp Chatbot is an automated software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and runs on WhatsApp for Business platform. People communicate with WhatsApp chatbot via the chat interface, like talking to a natural person. It’s a set of automated replies that simulates a human conversation on WhatsApp through voice commands, text messages, emojis, or all.

WhatsApp ecosystem

Consumer App

It is a free app downloaded onto an individual phone. Provides one-to-one manual communication. No automated responses.

Small Business App 

It is a free app downloaded onto an individual phone. Provides one-to-many manual communication allowing up to four people to each respond to customer messages on a phone or in a browser. Does not provide identity authenticity verification. No back-end systems integrations. Limited automated response.

Business Platform

API-based solution available either on-perm or in the cloud utilizing Meta’s servers. Pricing and interface based on implementation and BSP agreement. Can connect thousands of agents as well as bots to interact with customers programmatically and manually. Option to verify account (green check mark). Can integrate with numerous back-end systems such as CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Now you may ask how does WhatsApp chatbot work?

 “WhatsApp Chatbot Auto Reply”, How does it work?

First: Configuring the chatbot: After drafting the user journey story and workflows, its preparation begins in terms of activating the various data and information it will use later during multiple customer conversations.

Second: Reading and analyzing the user’s request: The chatbot has received the first message and has to respond. What will it do? It will first read and analyze the user’s request to respond with the correct and adequate answer.

Third: Fulfilling the request and responding to the user: As soon as the bot reaches the correct data that it will respond with, it begins to present it to the user in a conversational, interactive behavior. Know more or you can request a demo

10 Benefits of “WhatsApp Chatbot” To Enhance Your Business Customer Experience. And exclusive features on WhatsApp Chatbot you’d never know before! 

10 perks of having a whatsaap chatbot

1- WhatsApp Chatbot make your business available 24/7

Providing your customers instant replies to their questions and inquiries through a chatbot guarantees all-around-the-clock availability, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

Moving forward, let us dive deeper into how to use and leverage the benefits of WhatsApp chatbots to provide an excellent customer experience.

2. Providing instant answers to FAQs

English WHAM clinics screenshots

With WhatsApp chatbots, businesses can automate instant responses to frequently asked questions. For example, if you introduce a healthcare service like WHAM clinics, customers might reach out to you about your timings, location, available appointments, reservation through WhatsApp and a lot more. Once you automate answers to these FAQs, you will not need a human agent to continuously receive calls for reservations and general inquiries.

3. Low cost of customer acquisition

Interacting with any number of clients through WhatsApp chatbots costs less than how much it costs to interact with the same number of clients through customer care agents. (Insight from BWC 

WhatsApp can be used to send pre-approved message templates and interactive list messages automatically. Any customer sending a message between these hours will receive a message informing them about the business hours and the next available time.

4. Delivering a live chat experience

WhatsApp chatbots come with a multi-agent CRM. So any agent from the whole team can engage with customers at a given time.

This feature helps businesses provide a no-wait live chat experience with any agents available. In addition, the responsibility of providing instant responses over WhatsApp can be shared by the complete customer support team.

5. Push Outbound Campaigns

WhatsApp Business Outbound messages are a proven result-driven marketing tool that companies can acquire more qualified leads without making many efforts. As a result, several brands today use WhatsApp outbound messages to attract customers.

6. Personalizing the customer experience

WhatsApp Business API allows you to personalise the messages by using the information present in the database or a .csv-like file.

Through this, your brand can personalize the messages sent to the customers based on their personal details, order details and other preferences.

7. Recovering abandoned carts

Order placement is often efficiently completed using WhatsApp chatbots. A customer can flick through your products and menu, examine the images, read product descriptions and place orders. Even in the case of abandoned carts, WhatsApp chatbots can be available handy, remind customers about the products waiting for them, and improve customer experience.

8. Providing after-sales support

Customer experience is about building and maintaining a healthy relationship with customers throughout their journey with the brand and beyond. If a business aims to supply a good customer experience, it must be ready with an after-sales support plan.

WhatsApp chatbots are often an excellent resource for after-sales support. Customers find it very easy to send a WhatsApp message related to their query instead of sending an email and waiting 24-48 hours to resolve it.

9. Gathering feedback and reviews

Reviews and ratings play a severe role in building trust in the heart of your customers. However, collecting feedback and reviews may be tricky, especially with a positive customer experience, because for patrons adding feedback is another task that can be simply ignored.

Customers are continuously present on WhatsApp and may share their feedback with the business on the channel. Therefore, they will not need to open any other apps or forms. Instead, just write a straightforward message on their favorite messaging platform.

10. Sharing help guides and other relevant information

WhatsApp is often used to share multimedia content, links to pertinent information and other documents. Businesses can use the platform to share content and help customers by imparting knowledge about their products and services.

Using WhatsApp chatbots to improve customer experience can be a wise decision for businesses. Once you begin using the platform for the use mentioned above cases, businesses can observe continued improvement in customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Now you may ask how you can set up your WhatsApp chatbot?

Set Up Your WhatsApp Chatbot (No coding) For FREE Now!

To start with creating your WhatsApp for business chatbot, get in touch with an Official Meta Business Solution Provider (BSP).

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