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Discover Tab's Gone, What's Next?

Earlier this month, on the 2nd of March to be exact, Facebook made a huge redesign of the Messenger platform. 

Removing the Discover tab and other features, Facebook Messenger is currently set to be more of a messaging platform with Stories features after having been a multifunctional hub for as long as we can possibly remember. 

Why the change? 

Facebook is aiming to make the Messenger platform a simpler, faster, and more seamless experience for its users.

With the new update running, Facebook actually reduced the app’s core code by 84%, which truly made a huge difference in comparison to how the platform used to be. This is definitely good for your bot and business. 

Facebook now is more focused on people generally; chats and stories specifically. They want people to focus more on communication. 

What does this mean for chatbots?

The chatbots industry is very promising, so how does the discover tab update affect it? 

The truth is that this change barely affects your chatbot: it is as efficient as it has always been, and the industry is still as awesome as it is.

At the end of the day, your chatbot is a smart tool that helps you interact with your audience and makes sure your audience knows how to reach you and where to find you. 

As long as you make sure your customers can easily find and interact with it, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

What’s Next? 

With the Discovery tab gone, you can get a bit puzzled about what to do next. Here are our suggestions: 

Use these hacks when it comes to marketing your Messenger bot. 

There are several other ways you can get your bot to stand out other than the Discover tab. There are a number of plugins and buttons that you can add to your website or Facebook page to help promote your bot even better than ever, in addition to simple hacks you can easily execute.  Here are some of the hacks: 

  1. Add a customer chat plugin to your website. This plugin helps your users interact with your bot through your website just as they would on Messenger, which increases your bot’s reachability as a result. 
  1. Set up a button on your page or website to guide people to use your bot. This guarantees your visitors can easily find your bot whenever they need to contact you. 
Image result for facebook page button message us

You can check out all of the above techniques and learn exactly how to apply them in our previous article about chatbot growth hacks.

Expand your bot’s potential!

News Flash: Facebook Messenger is not the only platform where you can build a chatbot. 

Facebook Messenger is the most used messaging app, but it’s not the only one. You can try building a chatbot on a different platform, or even on your own website, and explore for yourself what each platform and channel is capable of. 

Chatbots are only getting started blowing your mind, so you might as well just explore and play. 

Through WideBot, you can build chatbots on several messaging channels. Sign up now to our platform, and try it for yourself!

New Messenger Policies: All You Need To Know

 As of the 4th of March, Facebook has made some changes to Messenger policies. To help you understand what changed and how it might affect you, we’ve put together this guide to answer all of your questions: even the ones you didn’t know you had.


All of the new Messenger policies and updates revolve around one purpose: protecting users from spam and spammy messages. Facebook aims to make sure its users have a comfortable, and seamless experience. 

What’s Changed? 

The 24-hour Messaging Window Policy

The general policy states that you can send a message to a user within the last 24 hours they interacted with the bot.

Before: You could work around the policy by applying a message tag to your message and it could send the message outside of the 24-hour window. 

Now: If you want to send a message outside of the 24-hour window, the message must be tagged in one of the four below tags: 

  1. Confirmed Event Update: Sends the user updates on an event they’ve registered for. For example, if a user registered for classes with you, you can use this tag to send them reminders of the class schedule. 
  2. Post-Purchase Update: Notifies the user of updates concerning a recent purchase. For instance, you can use this tag to send the user a confirmation of their transaction such as an invoice or to tell them when their shipment will arrive. 
  3. Account Update: Notifies the user of an update concerning their account. As an example, you can use this tag to tell a user there was suspicious activity on their account.
  4. Human Agent: Allows human agents to respond to user queries. You can use his tag when the customer’s issue can’t be solved within the 24-hour window. 

You can read more about these tags in detail here.

Moreover, the subscription permission for pages is now only allowed for news pages.

Message Tags Are Mandatory Now

Before: Message tags were optional, and most people would only use them when they needed to send messages outside of the 24-hour window. 

Now: You have to apply message tags to your messages that lie outside of the 24-hour window. If you don’t apply message tags, your users will not receive the message. 

How do I apply Message Tags? 

You don’t need to worry about applying Message Tags as WideBot seamlessly takes care of that for you. You just choose your message’s type when setting up your broadcast message as shown below. 

What’s New

One-Time Notification (OTN) 

Facebook has introduced a new concept, and that is the one-time notification. 

The one-time notification allows your page to request to send the user one follow-up message after the 24-hour window. 

Important note: the page has to request the user’s consent to send the follow-up messages, so the user will be asked if they’d like to receive future notifications concerning this topic.

Once the user agrees to this and asks to be notified, the page will be allowed to send him one notification outside of the window and the required message tags. 

The permission, given by the user, will act as a token, and the page will be allowed to only use it once keeping in mind that it expires within a year of its creation. 

Important Things You Need To Understand About OTN
  • You can apply one-time notifications to an unlimited number of topics. 
  • You can apply one-time notifications for an unlimited number of times. 
  • You need to apply for a request to send one-time notifications. You can do this following the steps below:
  1. Go to your page’s settings. 
  2. Click on “Advanced Messaging”
  3. Click on “Requested Features”
  4. Under “One-time Notification”, click on “Request” that’s in the upper right corner of the feature. 
  5. There are certain rules you need to follow when it comes to applying one-time notifications, and they are: 
  1. No deception; keep your promise. Don’t defraud, don’t deceive, and don’t confuse the users. What the request says must match the notification. 
  2. No incentives. Don’t promise the user a gift or a reimbursement if they agree to the notification. 

Beware, though! If you break the OTN rules or get reported for deception or spam, you will immediately lose access to the API. 

We’re currently working on developing a feature that will allow you to instantly integrate the OTN into your flows. 

And there you have it! We hope this helps you understand more about the new Messenger policies. All of the above updates mostly affect our Broadcasting feature, which you can now try for free! Sign up now to use our platform!

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